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get this…

Friday morning my earnings at Fotolia were about 85 credits, when I got home from work at looked they were at 135 credits.
I cashed out $100 at this point leaving 35… then just a few hours later my balance had shot up to 72 credits again.

Loads of +3, some +4.5, and a few +7.5 Referral credits, and a flurry of smaller credits… Blooming amazing.

Fotolia has always surpassed any of the other sites on referrals, but today was just mad!

A little self promotion now and again works, just spend 20 minutes occasionally pushing your referral links 🙂

Some of my recent Exclusive Images at Fotolia:
Black hand prints and Smears background © pdtnc
Grungy old leather book cover texture © pdtnc
Coffee Coaster Rings © pdtnc

Bicycles in Beijing

My shot is at the top left, the ‘Bicycles in Beijing’ 🙂 I found this image with which I’d never used before but someone had found my blog with it so I gave it a go and did a bit of searching for myself. Its nice to see myself, my photography, in print 🙂 I’d be unsure which agency it was purchased from so here’s the list of places you can buy my shot:—Bike-0248905.php—Bike-0248878.php—portrait-view-of-bicycles-rimage585212

Stock Photo In Beijing, China, Tiananmen Square / Beihai Park, Forbidden City…

bicycle, bike, pavement, walkway, sidewalk, ancient, architecture, beihai, beijing, bowuguan, building, chairman, china, chinese, city, clear, communism, communist, communists, courtyard, cultural, dynasty, emperor, flag, forbidden, gate, gugon, heavenly, historic, history, imperial, landmark, mandarin, mao, ming, monument, ornate, pagoda, palace, park, pavilion, peace, peking, peoples, prc, qing, red, republic, revolution, roof, shang, shrine, sky, square, summer, temple, tianamen, tiananmen, tree, zedong,

Here’s the Dreamstime referral image: 🙂
Beijing China - Portrait view of Bicycles
© Photographer: Pdtnc | Agency:

My first iStock Image with 100 Downloads 🙂 Woo 🙂

CAT Scan,X-ray,Healthcare And Medicine,Human Bone,Skull,Inside Of,Indoors,X-ray Image,MRI Scan,Computer-assisted Tomography Scan,Computerized Tomography Scan,Penetrating,Brain,

Busy head churning over with ideas and thoughts…

Would be nice to sleep through sometime.

I blame istockaudio today for my busy head… Check it out if you like your audio, buy, earn, submit etc
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Old Tea Chest Grunge texture Background
© Photographer: Pdtnc | Agency:

I’ve had a couple of sales from subscriptions, but the earnings increase of $0.06 on top of the usual $0.30 isn’t really much to shout about.
This is the Second exclusive sale I have had from credits:

Title: Old Tea Chest Grunge texture Background
Description: Old Tea Chest Grunge texture Background, stained foil paper.
Views: 14
Downloads: 1
Downloaded by: 1 members, 0 guests
old and 2006 credits : 0 small, 0 maximum, 0 additional
2007 credits : 0 small, 0 medium, 1 large, 0 maximum, 0 additional
subscriptions : 0
Total: $1.8 – an extra 30 cents than non-exclusive

Rocks with embeded fossils in
© Photographer: Pdtnc | Agency:

And this was the first exclusive sale from credits:

Title: Rocks with embeded fossils in
Description: Rocks with embedded fossils in Whitby north yorkshire
Views: 24
Downloads: 1
Downloaded by: 1 members, 0 guests
old and 2006 credits : 0 small, 0 maximum, 0 additional
2007 credits : 0 small, 1 medium, 0 large, 0 maximum, 0 additional
subscriptions : 0
Total: $1.2 – an extra 20 cents than non-exclusive

Its not bad I guess, and the more levels the image goes up the better commission it will pay. *fingers crossed for more sales* 🙂

Combined Keywords:
animal, background, backgrounds, creature, fossil, fossils, geological, imprint, invertebrates, layers, mineralized, natural, paleontology, prehistoric, rocks, sea, sedimentary, shells, strata, texture, textured, abstract, aged, antique, chest, dirty, grain, grime, grunge, layer, messy, old, overlay, paper, parchment, past, rotten, rotting, rough, scar, spotted, stained, tea, texture, textured, weathered, worn,

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