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NCB & Wishbone Brewery Homebrew Competition 2016

 Wishbone Logo Concentric

  • Location – Wishbone Brewery Limited – 2A Chesham St, Keighley, BD21 4LG
  • Date – Saturday 20th August 2016
  • Opening Time – Doors open from 11.00, Bar open from 12.00, Judging from 13.00, Kicking you all out no later than 18.00
  • Homebrew Competition – Euro/British IPA up to 7% (NO American / New Zealand / Australian hops)
  • Open to all so long as you and your beer can make it on the day. Entries in 3x brown glass bottles with no markings to be brought to the brewery on the day, please email with your name & contact number and what hops your beer uses. *The idea of this comp is to bring your bottle entry on the day, however someone has asked if they can drop them off the week before as they can’t attend on the 20th. With this being a Charity Event we will take a £5 donation from anyone not attending with their beer.*
  • Homebrewed Bar for Charity (Like we did at the excellent Saltaire Brewery Competitions)
  • We have 5 handpulls on our brewery bar, we will give 1 beer for charity, we will need 4 homebrewers to fill a 20Litre Bag-in-Box (9G Firkin fill if possible) each to serve on the other 4 pumps
  • Crisp Maltings presentation from Carl their Craft Brewing rep, working on Rob from Lallemand but unconfirmed, maybe see what else i can arrange.
  • Getting here – Keighley railway station is 6 mins walk away which in turn is 20mins from Leeds on the train
  • You get to have a proper look around our brewery (We will hopefully have a Keg bar up and running by August so hope to have a range of keg beers to try, though not for Charity).
  • Food – There are plenty of good curry houses and take-aways in Keighley, bring your own or order in a Take-away.
  • Places to stay – There is a Travelodge about 10mins walk away

AG#134 – Trapped Nerve Red – I’m off work due to a trapped nerve in my lower back, so thought I’d do some low impact homebrewing. Its based around an old recipe from 2011 which turned out a pretty good red-ish in colour and had bags of malty sweet toffee body making the hops all juicy-fruit yumminess! So a fine excuse to use up some open packs of hops in the freezer🙂

Pale Malt – 78%
Vienna Malt – 10%
Crystal Malt, Extra Dark – 4%
Caragold – 4%
Crystal Malt – 4%

Triskel Whole 4.82 % @ 60 mins – 22g (FWH)
NZ Cascade Whole 8.5 % @ 15 mins – 10g
Experimental 366 Whole 15.7 % @ 15 mins – 10g
Amarillo Whole 10.9 % @ 15 mins – 10g
Citra Whole 15.0 % @ 0 mins – 9g (20min Hop Stand at 80c)
Amarillo Whole 10.9 % @ 0 mins – 31g (20min Hop Stand at 80c)
Riwaka Whole 5.9 % @ 0 mins – 34g (20min Hop Stand at 80c)
NZ Cascade Whole 8.5 % @ 0 mins – 66g (20min Hop Stand at 80c)
Experimental 366 Whole 15.7 % @ 0 mins – 49g (20min Hop Stand at 80c)

Final Volume: 23 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.057
Final Gravity: 1.014
Alcohol Content: 5.6% ABV
Mash Efficiency: 75 %
Bitterness: 28 EBU
Colour: 50 EBC
Yeast: Safale us-05
Mash: 69c for at least an hour depending on how lazy you want to be.
Boil: 60mins

I drilled a few extra holes in this before I used it:
AG#134 - Trapped Nerve Red
The Malts:
AG#134 - Trapped Nerve Red
First Runnings onto the Hops:
AG#134 - Trapped Nerve Red
A Rather Large Stack of hops:
AG#134 - Trapped Nerve Red
Yeast to pitch after a good aeration:
AG#134 - Trapped Nerve Red

Took things steady, the only heavy thing to move was the full FV which Emma helped me with.
We have been all too busy for homebrewing while we are setting up the ‘real’ brewery!
Keep an eye on our twitter feed @WishboneBrewery our Blog page, FlickrInstagram, YouTube & Facebook for updates.

*Bottled: 24th May ’15 with 80g priming sugar.

I finally got back to the unit with working lights and took some photos of the ground floor, the more i think about it the more I feel it may be more productive, less stress about ceiling heights, and future proof to keep the downstairs for brewing and racking with the 10bbl conical vessels on the floor above with transfer pipework leading down to the ground floor for racking, carbonating, kegging, leaving more room for actually working, possibly simpler and cheaper drainage.  Smaller 5bbl vessels can still stay downstairs and a small brick bund would have to be constructed for drainage around the upstairs vessels.

keep an eye on updates @WishboneBrewery

We started shooting the units today for the ‘Schedule of Condition’ for the lease, this is where we photograph the units to show their current condition so that if I left at the end of term I could have to return the units to their original state.
I will in fact be doing a whole load of improvements after the landlord has had the roof replaced and made water-tight so unless I rip out the gas-fired space heater I think I’ll be pretty good to do whatever I want to improve the property.

Here’s the YouTube slideshow which shows the first floor unit which will start out life as my malt loft, mega overkill, but all being well in the future it will be the Brewery Tap at the front of house with cold room, sales office, toilets etc

With any luck we will shoot for the ground floor unit this next week and hopefully make swift progress with the lease and solicitor so we can get started on the building prep of the brewing area and get some blooming vessels ordered!🙂

Keep an eye on @WishboneBrewery for updates.

Belgian Hop Burst – I wasn’t going to brew today I was going to trim the hedges, I decided to skim the yeast from the Belgian Extra Blonde in the fermenter so I could experiment more with WLP575. The yeast had thrown off a lot of sulphur while fermenting I’d guess for one of two reasons; 1/ its just a yeast that does that sort of thing, 2/ the liquor treatment I used had too much in the way of sulphates in it so it made the yeast express this with co2 as it fermented. The FV had been left on the garage floor and the thermometer strip on the side said it was at a pretty steady 22c, if that thermometer was actually a bit wrong the beer could have fermented too cool and the lack of vigorous fermentation may have stopped enough of the sulphurous odors from gassing off, though its not like I’m saying the yeast didn’t ferment vigorously as it went off like a rocket spewing out all over the garage floor🙂

So yeah, the hedges are still in need of trimming but I have made wort! I am aiming for a fruity, malty & sweet sort of beer, this recipes lack of sugar will hopefully be compensated for by the lower mash temp than that of AG#127… we shall see.
The yeast flavour is actually quite clean so the double edged sword of a warmer more controlled ferment coupled with no added sulphates, just a simple Tsp of CaCl, will hopefully bring out more of a Belgian character and gas-off any volatile sulphur compounds.

Recipe Specs
Batch Size (L):           20.0
Total Grain (kg):         4.166
Total Hops (g):           90.00
Original Gravity (OG):    1.048  (°P): 11.9
Final Gravity (FG):       1.010  (°P): 2.6
Alcohol by Volume (ABV):  5.03 %
Colour (SRM):             11.3   (EBC): 22.3
Bitterness (IBU):         27.2   (Rager)
Brewhouse Efficiency (%): 75
Boil Time (Minutes):      60

3.334 kg Pale Malt (80%)
0.208 kg CaraGold (5%)
0.208 kg Dark Crystal 340 ebc (5%)
0.208 kg Munich I (5%)
0.208 kg Vienna (5%)

Single step Infusion at 65°C for 60 Minutes.

2.0 g Willamette Leaf (6.4% Alpha) @ 60 Minutes (First Wort) (0.1 g/L)
44.0 g Ahtanum Leaf (4.5% Alpha) @ 0 Minutes (Flameout Stand) (2.2 g/L) (Software calculated as 5min boil)
44.0 g Columbus Leaf (16.5% Alpha) @ 0 Minutes (Flameout Stand) (2.2 g/L) (Software calculated as 5min boil)

My yeast was raring to do with just a little wort added to it at the start of transfer so I’ll probably end up making a yeasty mess of the fermentation fridge… which is set to 24c

Malts and Calcium Chloride:
AG#128 - Belgian Hop Burst, malts with just a Tsp of CaCl.
A massive 2g of First Wort Hops!
AG#128 - Belgian Hop Burst, a massive 2g of willamette to bitter!
Liquored back to 1048:
AG#128 - Belgian Hop Burst, 1051.5 going for 1048.

I’m still waiting for lease paperwork from the landlord before I start ordering my brewkit for @wishbonebrewery

*22 Sep ’14 – Gravity at 1014.5 thats fair ripped through the fermentation since pitching yesterday and no sulphurous odors and flavour is still quite clean, hop flavours tasting good.

*Bottled 4th Oct ’14 – with 70g of sugar in just short of 20L, tastes good, has more character with the warmer ferment, could use a touch more Dark Crystal to boost the colour a bit and hit a deeper red.

*15th Oct ’14 – This is tasting rather good, it has a nice slick mouth coating body, I could go a touch heavier on the hops but otherwise has good depth.

Belgian Extra Blonde – A mix of Pale (didn’t have any Lager malt), Carapils, Dextrose (partly sugar as I didn’t have enough of either), Oat malt & Wheat malt.
Hops are a tiny amount of Magnum to bitter then a subtle amount of Mittlefruh in the last 5 minutes and about half the coriander you’d expect to add to a Wit.
I’m fermenting with WLP757 which I revived from a 2 year old Whitelabs tube.

The Malts, mashed at 69°c for about 90mins:
AG#127 - Belgian Extra Blonde, malts.
The 9g of bittering hops!
AG#127 - Belgian Extra Blonde, light hopping today.
The Coriander:
AG#127 - Belgian Extra Blonde, just a subtle amount if Coriander.
Second sparge running to copper:
AG#127 - Belgian Extra Blonde, pretty nice light coloured wort.
Hit 3 points over my target so liquored back to 1047:
AG#127 - Belgian Extra Blonde, nicely over the 1047 target so will do a small liquorback.

I’m hoping for just a hint of coriander and a light coloured, light bodied beer with enough but not overpowering Belgianiness! I’ve used sugars for part of the bill to keep the strength at 5% ish without adding too much colour.
I’m still getting closer to signing a lease on premises and ordering brewkit and fermenters for Wishbone Brewery! (Sorry the website isn’t finished yet) but follow me on @WishboneBrewery for updates🙂

*16th Sep ’14 – Yeast spewing all over the garage floor this morning, the ambient temp is about 19c and the FV is a fairly steady 22c, the WLP575 is smelling quite sulphurous, this could just be the yeast or I could be encouraging the sulphur because of my Sulphate additions (Calcium Sulphate & Magnesium Sulphate) all of which should dissipate as fermentation completes.

*Kegged 20th Sep ’14 – its about time i used my cornies!

*30 Sep ’14 – taster from keg, quite a soft carbonation, has Duvel-like properties some of the Sulphur is going but some of it could be the Coriander thats confusing me. I let the keg for 24 hours at 20psi and 24 hours at 30psi then left it until now, Ive put 30psi on it again and will test it again tomorrow.

Just two brewday snaps and a hop growing update really…
Going for 1057 to finish at 1014, mashed at 68c for 60mins, sparged at 78c, boiled for 60mins, fermenting with 2 packs of Safale us-05 to get an ABV of 5.6%, will be heavily dry hopping with a blend of three hops.

Malts & Salts:
AG#126 Wishbone IPA, malts n salts
Tiny amount of FWH:
AG#126 Wishbone IPA, a massive 5g of FWH for the copper.
The rest of the Hops were going in at 5mins before the end.

And some Vine vids from today too:

And the hops outside:

*Bottled 17th Sep ’14

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