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Woo, well today 22nd September 2006 is apparently “OneWebDay” and seeing as its probably one of the biggest things to effect the lives of western civilisation for some time I thought i might add my thoughts too. There is also an artical at the BBC too.
I’ll write a list of things…

  1. Learning, Computer stuff in general, everything from making tweaks in the Windows registry to finding out where to download music 😀 Not that I’d condone downloading it illegally, but you weren’t thinkng that anyway now were you!?! 😀 I wouldn’t know all the things I do now without the internet.
    Learning graphic design skills from tutorials and forums, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver… its all there for the taking.
    Just lately its been Chilli Peppers, but there are loads of very helpfull and knoledgable people out there, like-minded and willing to help… I’ve probably bored everyone to death by now about Chilli Plants, Chilli Chocolate, Pickled Chillies!!! Bla bla bla!!! 😀 ha ha 😀
  2. Making friends, my first internet friend would be Janet from Australia she was the very first person I chatted to using ICQ, quite a random find but we have now met twice and spent some time together when she drove me down to the 12 Apostles and since then has become a very good friend. Easy to talk to, though i can be a man of few words sometimes, she’s a bit mad and can be hyper-zoom-whizz-hectic-happy-whoosh type of person. “Too Easy”.
    Weird how the internet draws people together into genre’s, music people, aristic people, techie nerds, whatever, its all good.
    Love, life, friendship, fun, sadness, sorrow…
  3. Sharing, I think the internet was made to share, share information (that is what i seem to be doing on this blog!), sharing experiences, sharing music, programs, art, photography.
    I believe the internet should be a sharing helping place, all too often it gets warped by peoples behaviours to others not knowing as much as they…
    Online message boards and forums collect ‘Forum Trolls’ people who seem to always “Flame” the ‘Newbies’ for asking simple questions. Of course its not fair to tar all the message boards with the same brush as they are some of the most usefull and helpfull learning places you can go, you meet nice people who are willing to help.
  4. Shopping, whooaaa!!! Yeah, buying online… what a great thing, ebay, Play, Amazon, Tesco, its good stuff saves you having to waste time walking around town only to find that the CD you wanted has to be ordered and will take two weeks!!! Ha! And why not sell your old stuff on ebay too, and as you’ll see from this very blog, I’m selling stock images, making a little, pays for the new camera which is totally great even if I’ll never be a millionaire 😀
  5. Travel, I did 6 months traveling through China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand, without the internet as a means of communication, banking, and research where would I have been? I’d probably not have got as far and not done half of the things I did do.
    Travel research alone is fantastic, using the internet to learn about the places you’d like to visit and getting an idea of whats out there and how to cope in other countries in different environments, cultures and languages. Its all online, someone has ‘been there and done that’ all before so you get to draw on all that experience.
    Booking flights and Hotels, hostels and trips… its all a peice of cake online! (though I must admit to actually telephoning the hotels I’ve booked nearer the time to confirm my bookings, nothing worse than arriving somewhere only to have nowhere to stay!).

I may add more later when I think of something 🙂
This has been, and will hopefully continue to be ‘My Internet Experience’! You just have to blame the Zero’s and Ones 😉


I am impressed, I never thunk it pissable! 😉

Blog Start date: April 4th, 2006

until now! wow! 🙂

I must celebrate or something, yeah… I’m going to go and make a sandwich! Damn the Expense! 😮
And further more, here’s some Parsnip roots! (if you buy stock images, click the roots!) 😉 parsniproots.jpg
You can just feel the excitement can’t you, we are on the cusp of something big…LOL wow!!! 😀


Just what would we do without camera phones! They come in handy for all sorts of stuff, this for example, I fancied letting a friend hear a little snippet of audio from what i was playing with in Reason so just grabbed the Sony Erricson W800i and sgot this… 😀
Pretty random! 😀 😀

I figure its about time I made a Blog post about some of my musical things, I put this together a while ago and its up on the propellerheads site. I actually have a ‘Home Made Theremin ReFill’ in the works but I keep forgetting about it. I’ll hopefully get that released over at the props site too. This was my first Free ReFill.

K1 Roland MC-202

Description: “Sampled from my Roland MC-202: A collection of NN-19, NN-XT, ReDrum, Rex, and a few Combi patches. From the weird to the ordered and smooth… I spent far too long editing Sustain loops in 32 note patches, so if you find a glitch…!”

Download: K1 Roland MC-202 Refill: (17.8 mb)
More info:
(You’ll have to be registered & logged in to get the downloads)

…enjoy! And drop me a blog comment with a link to anything you make with my ReFills 🙂 Thanks
Further Reading…

*Quoting from*
This is an analog synthesizer/sequencer. It sounds very much like the TB-303 and SH-101 bass synths. Sometimes considered the “poor man’s 303”. It has a very evolved form of TB-303 like programming (more like the MC-4) and SH-101

The MC-202 was sort of a next-generation TB-303. So the idea was to program sequence/patterns into it internally which would give you those 303 basslines that we’ve come to love. But programming the MC-202 is a bit too intense and over done for the simple monophonic bass line. However you can control it externally by hooking up a MID-CV/Gate converter. Then you basically have yourself an SH-101!
like controls of the VCO, VCF, VCA, LFO, Envelope and Mixer sections. The LCD display is a great feature too.

The sequencer is actually a 2-channel CV/gate sequencer, with both channels being capable of driving a separate external synth. It’s a very useful unit, also, for its DINsync capabilities; it can receive on one port, and send over two, and also can ‘split’ DINsync to branch a sync signal out to multiple devices.

This machine is best for those who want to get 303-like patterns (it has accent just like the 303) and basslines with an SH-101 sound. If you can handle programming the notes into its sequencer you can have a lot of fun. It is used by Autechre, Future Sound Of London, Coldcut, The Human League, Underworld, Aphex Twin, LFO, Jedi Knights, Plastikman, Astral Projection, Sabres Of Paradise, Freddy Fresh, Jimmy Edgar, ProtoType 909 and Taylor 808.
*Quoted from*

The proof is in the eating…

and well, they are very tasty, I’ve overdone it a bit with the pickling spices but other than that the pickled chilli’s I made are fantastic and far far better than anything you could buy in a shop!
Its a shame you can’t get ‘Lick-O-Vision’ so you too can feel the burn and savour the flavour of these beauties 🙂
No new pictures, unless someone wants my mug with me holding a jar up 😀

*other random blurb!*

Took a load of product shots at work today, so got to test out the Greycard and a bit of Raw shooting, I have to figure out Canon’s ‘Digital Photo Professional’ as i’m used to the Adobe Photoshop Raw plugin but Adobe just havn’t got up to the 400D just yet.

thats it for now 🙂


I just made a Cheese & Home made Pickled Chilli Sandwish… Yummy! What a fantastic combo… 🙂 I wasn’t even that hungry but they are damn tasty!

its been a random sort of week, things you didn’t expect, things you did….
The car is making a bit of a rattle, I should probably go and get it seen to, got my new Canon camera which is nice and I get to use it in anger tomorrow taking a few shots for work. Nothing exciting just product shots so i might play with the Greycard i bought too for stetting my white ballence.
I notice that Adobe havn’t yet caught up with the 400D in their Raw Conversion Plugin, a shame as it would have been nice to keep the full quality of the captured images.
So yeah, been to a park, been given cake, made chocolate, been bowling, watched a couple of DVD’s, piss ‘n fart… stuff ya know!
I’m actually going to add a somewhat random picture to this somewhat random blog post, I think my eyes are weird tonight, or maybe my monitor is doing something strange! Hmm!
This has to be the most drivel I’ve wrote on here… coool!!! 😀
Note the ‘Grey card‘ :p


I’ve been reading about this on and it sounded nice, the actual results are even better than expected and its really more-ish.
Here’s the pictures of what I did… using my home grown Cayenne pepper 🙂
Step 1, The Preparation: I ground up some of my Cayenne Peppers and made some pretty fine powder.

Step 2, The Chocolate: I’d probably buy some different dark chocolate next time.

Step 3, Cover a tray in Tinfoil and I really lightly greased this with a bit of butter.

Step 4, Heat a small basin in a pan full of water to melt the chocolate, realising that I seem to be making a bit of a mess of it, and probably should be in charge of a pan all by my self! 😀 At this messy stage when it seemed to have melted as much as it could I added just the tip of a Teaspoon of my Cayenne pepper and mixed it up as good as i could.chillichocolate_step04.jpg

Step 5, yep, its a mess alright!!! I don’t think Bournville chocolate was made for re-melting!
And even the spoons got it! Still, they had to be ‘cleaned’ afterwards *Yum* 😉

Step 6, Spread it on the tray with a knife, it actually spread quite well! I then put it in the fridge to chill down.

A worthy experiment as its blooming tasty stuff 🙂
At this rate I’m going to need a recipe category! (infact i might just!)

Oh yeah, Step 7, Eat 🙂


a3000_01.jpg a3000_manualsetc.jpg

This is a great deal for someone with a PC wanting fast transfer of audio files from the computer, its only ever had light home use and is in great condition, go read the ebay item description.

(look out for my Roland MC303 auction coming up soon)

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