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I’ve been playing with my Theremin a bit lately and after having conversation on the subject with the guys at work an idea has emerged for a sound / music project that the general public would participate in with or without their knowing.
This idea consists of using a Theremin on a large scale, the Pitch Antenna would be a Bus Stop though the Volume would fixed.
As people started walking past the bus stop and que’d for the bus the pitch would change, the bus might pull up and really effect the magnetic field of the Theremin Bus Stop! All these changes would be played in real time to the area with the Theremin, so its a mixture of Musical experiment to create random sound scape’s and Art installation.

I’m writing this down just so I get it out there, I think its an interesting idea for free form sound generation which would be interactive with anyone near by. If anyone actually does this I’d be very interested.
Public sculptures would be another good source for an Antenna making more than a Physical presence for the artwork and giving each member of the viewing audience a roll in creating and interacting with its new Aural field.

I have no idea of the logistics or actual physics and electronics of this project, whether a certain size of antenna would need a certain amount of power to drive it?? Would my little Theremin Kit be capable of driving an old red British phone box?! 🙂

Who knows! Do you? I’d like to hear….

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