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Amazing Referral Earnings at Fotolia

Posted on: May 31, 2008

get this…

Friday morning my earnings at Fotolia were about 85 credits, when I got home from work at looked they were at 135 credits.
I cashed out $100 at this point leaving 35… then just a few hours later my balance had shot up to 72 credits again.

Loads of +3, some +4.5, and a few +7.5 Referral credits, and a flurry of smaller credits… Blooming amazing.

Fotolia has always surpassed any of the other sites on referrals, but today was just mad!

A little self promotion now and again works, just spend 20 minutes occasionally pushing your referral links 🙂

Some of my recent Exclusive Images at Fotolia:
Black hand prints and Smears background © pdtnc
Grungy old leather book cover texture © pdtnc
Coffee Coaster Rings © pdtnc

6 Responses to "Amazing Referral Earnings at Fotolia"

Nice a bit of extra money, isn’t it? SY

certainly is 🙂

Wow, thats awesome! Did you get the referrals by folks just clicking on your link to the right here? Or did you send people manually by email or something? Either way, thats awesome!

@ jrtb:
I seem to have referred quite a few buyers and sellers to Fotolia, and i would guess that one of the photographers i have referred had a really good sales day with someone buying a load of large size and extended license images. So I got either the 10% or 15% referral earning from those sales 🙂

Woo!!!! nice one honey!! 😉


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