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January’s been pretty good, a couple of nice surprises in the form of a $100 referral and $25 Extended license at Dreamstime, and January as a whole feels to have been a busy sales month.
CanStockPhoto has had some Fotosearch sales, one nice ‘Fotosearch regular sale’ brought in $19.80 and a trickle of subs sales from Fotosearch… looking more promising that CSP has for ages! (ever before!)

I’ve actually managed some uploading, and I’m still at it, I’m going to have to do some overnight (un-metered) uploading or I’m going to bust out of my ISP’s 15Gig/month limit an I’ll start getting charged more (Β£1/Gigabyte).
Considering that I’ve got myself a new project, of Beer brewing, I’ve done quite well with the keywording and editing this month, I have a batch of 103 waiting to go up to a couple more of the sites and lots of already approved images at Stockxpert though iStock have rejected quite a few of the first 20. Also I have another batch of 28 which is edited, keyworded and ready to go, iStock is going to take a while at 20/week in the queue and I notice that Dreamstime has set a 25/day limit on adding to the inspection queue too.

I’ve stopped uploading to Mostphotos and YaY Micro for the moment as its going to be counter-productive if nothing actually sells there!

Here’s the Lookstat graph:
Lookstat’s new feature is pretty cool, its an image specific stats function that lets you drill down through an individual file and check out its sales over time. Obviously this is only across iStock, Shutterstock and Dreamstime at the moment but from what I read over at their blog we’ll soon have Fotolia too… Quite an exciting prospect being able to cross-reference the sales of a particular file on all these sites and see their true full earnings, fingers crossed for Stockxpert next πŸ˜‰

All-time earnings averages pie chart:
The Leader board looks like this:

  1. iStockphoto
  2. Shutterstock
  3. Dreamstime
  4. Fotolia
  5. StockXpert
  6. 123RF
  7. BigStockPhoto
  8. CanStockPhoto
  9. Crestock

Dreamstime just edging ahead of Fotolia, which is probably due to good referrals and an Extended License sale at Dreamstime and the exact opposite at Fotolia.

All in all I have cashed-out $483.30 in January, which is above my current average of $401.65, not a bad first month to say we are in this (bogus) Recession!

We would be creeping out of recession if people would just start to spend again, so come on folks go buy the thing you were thinking of buying but just holding off to wait and see what the financial climate does. Spend wisely and save, but remember to spend, pay off those debts too!
Though I do like the USD-GPB exchange rate at present, watching the exchange rates can net you a few extra monetary units in PayPal with a bit of balance swapping or cashing out πŸ˜‰

I have just sold my girlfriend / fiancΓ©e for the first time at BigStockPhoto for a massive $3 wooo! πŸ˜‰
Here she is, sat on a rock by a local reservoir while we were out walking the dogs, so far she has not sold at the other agencies BSP is the first!

Click here
Happy Girl Sitting On A Rock By The Water
Happy smiling girl sitting on a rock by the water holding her dog leads.
boots, dog lead, girl, good, happy, holding, jeans, lake, landscape, lead, looking, lovely, nature, outdoors, portrait, pretty, reservoir, rock, sitting, smiling, sweet, trees, walk, water
Landscapes Β» Rural
Nature Β» Miscellaneous
People Β» Women

She is obviously available at the other sites, so go and buy her!

Bicycles in Beijing

My shot is at the top left, the ‘Bicycles in Beijing’ πŸ™‚ I found this image with which I’d never used before but someone had found my blog with it so I gave it a go and did a bit of searching for myself. Its nice to see myself, my photography, in print πŸ™‚ I’d be unsure which agency it was purchased from so here’s the list of places you can buy my shot:—Bike-0248905.php—Bike-0248878.php—portrait-view-of-bicycles-rimage585212

Stock Photo In Beijing, China, Tiananmen Square / Beihai Park, Forbidden City…

bicycle, bike, pavement, walkway, sidewalk, ancient, architecture, beihai, beijing, bowuguan, building, chairman, china, chinese, city, clear, communism, communist, communists, courtyard, cultural, dynasty, emperor, flag, forbidden, gate, gugon, heavenly, historic, history, imperial, landmark, mandarin, mao, ming, monument, ornate, pagoda, palace, park, pavilion, peace, peking, peoples, prc, qing, red, republic, revolution, roof, shang, shrine, sky, square, summer, temple, tianamen, tiananmen, tree, zedong,

Here’s the Dreamstime referral image: πŸ™‚
Beijing China - Portrait view of Bicycles
Β© Photographer: Pdtnc | Agency:

The tables below shows current earnings on a per-site basis giving accurate daily and monthly averages, images sold, online totals and length of time being a member.

Stock Average / Day Average/ Month
Istockphoto 1.69 USD 51.31 USD
CanStockPhoto 0.11 USD 3.48 USD
BigStockPhoto 0.23 USD 6.92 USD
Fotolia 1.07 USD 32.71 USD
Dreamstime 1.48 USD 45.11 USD
Shutterstock 2.36 USD 71.97 USD
StockXpert 0.83 USD 25.28 USD
123RF 0.21 USD 6.38 USD

Current Royalty Free stock earnings for each site.

Stock Earnings Totals
Istockphoto 1,013.12 USD
CanStockPhoto 53.95 USD
BigStockPhoto 107.38 USD
Fotolia 503.96 USD
Dreamstime 699.57 USD
Shutterstock 884.36 USD
StockXpert 378.80 USD
123RF 74.78 USD

Sales and Images online totals.

Stock Sales Images Online
Istockphoto 1558 573
CanStockPhoto 87 717
BigStockPhoto 156 592
Fotolia 441 632
Dreamstime 822 614
Shutterstock 2983 580
StockXpert 335 671
123RF 140 686

The total length of time in days that I have been submitting images to the sites.

Earning Days Stock
601 Istockphoto
472 CanStockPhoto
472 BigStockPhoto
469 Fotolia
472 Dreamstime
374 Shutterstock
456 StockXpert
357 123RF

My current league table is as follows:

  1. Shutterstock – for sheer volume of sales
  2. iStockphoto – my current favourite, though longest running, earner
  3. Dreamstime – surely this place is going to be nipping at the heals of istock soon
  4. Fotolia – is getting better and more reliable earner, quite possibly the best for referral earnings too
  5. StockXpert – steady earner, great upload features
  6. BigStockPhoto – Slow trickle
  7. 123RF – an equally slow trickle but showing more promise due to the length of time I’ve been submitting
  8. CanStockPhoto – drip…….. drip……………… drip………………. Obviously not a place where my images sell! Nice place, shame about the lack of sales


Its been a while since i posted anything to do with stock images, and I’m in a major need to update my online stock image report from my spreadsheet. This I shall get around to soon-ish, erm honest! πŸ˜‰
For now though I am going to dip my stock toe in the water of 4 other Royalty Free sites and see if the water is Hot, Warm, Cold, or bloody freezing!

For this experiment I shall be using the following to sell my imagery wares to the design community:

stock photos, royalty free stock photography, photo search
Kinda cool quirky site… ever-so polite approval system.

Fairly easy submission process, lets see how it goes.

Lacks a referral scheme but its a pretty usable site.

View my royalty free stock photography gallery on
Lacks a sensible (so far as i’ve read) referral scheme, they don’t want to accept my images yet as its not to their ‘style’, quite possibly the ‘Bakers Dozen’… Number 13 bread roll I dropped on the floor and the dog licked it.

These 4 sites are obviously going to take a back seat to my others so don’t expect any instant results! πŸ™‚

Its time for another royalty free stock image update covering iStockphoto (iStock), CanStockPhoto (CSP), BigStockPhoto (BSP), Fotolia, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, StockXpert (SXP), and 123RF.
I’ve been working out some very accurate averages for selling my Royalty Free Stock on the various sites, its all to do with this and this 1 year = 365.242199 days which is a pretty accurate length of a year. The amount of time I’ve spent playing with a spread sheet and figuring out how to do what i wanted to do! πŸ˜€ Its passed the time.
As you can Clearly see Shutterstock is in the lead by a long way giving almost half of my stock earnings followed by iStock and Dreamstime. I must say Dreamstime is becoming more and more consistant lately and will be giving iStock a run for its money!

Join Date Earning Days Stock Ave Earnings / Day / Month  
31 Oct 05 348 Istockphoto 1.78 USD 54.17 USD  
9 Mar 06 219 CanStockPhoto 0.14 USD 4.16 USD  
9 Mar 06 219 BigStockPhoto 0.17 USD 5.14 USD  
12 Mar 06 216 Fotolia 0.42 USD 12.88 USD  
9 Mar 06 219 Dreamstime 1.24 USD 37.87 USD  
15 Jun 06 121 Shutterstock 3.40 USD 103.58 USD  
25 Mar 06 203 StockXpert 0.57 USD 17.44 USD  
2 Jul 06 104 123RF 0.16 USD 4.99 USD  
Total Days 1649 Total USD 7.89 USD 240.23 USD  



Here’s some more information for the Photographer wanting to get into Royalty Free Stock market selling, i’ve been doing a little more playing with my spreadsheet and have worked out some averages for each of the listed sites below, check the Pie Chart to see which RF Stock seller makes the most:


Its quite a shift in Pie since my last little chart which only showed my total earnings sliced up across the 8 different sites.
I wish I had listened and started up at Shutterstock to begin with, for the simple speed of sales and amounts which far out-weigh any of the other sites. Here’s the actual numbers too: (see Key below for more info) *You may have to open the image in another window or save it to your computer as this blog chops some of it off*


Numbers = total images sold per site
$ / Image = Average earnings per image sold

iStockphoto, CanStockPhoto, BigStockPhoto, Dreamstime, StockXpert, Fotolia, Shutterstock, 123RF – A Microstock Update.

This is my little micropayment stock update:
In the screen grab picture below you can see whats going on in my little Royalty Free Stock Image world, the biggest cheese is still iStockphoto, but coming on close behind is Shutterstock.
Stockxpert is still the best average payout per image followed by Fotolia and then Dreamstime, Shutterstock being the lowest payout per image, but it makes up for it in amount of sales.
In order of slowness of sales (slowest first):

I’d say I get a steady trickle of sales from iStock and Shutterstock, though Shutterstock is better when you are consistantly putting up new work, iStock ticks over by its self better (money wise).
Referrals at Shutterstock are starting to show a few $$ here and there, a little from Dreamstime, and a little from Fotolia too, everywhere else is, so far, non-existant! (So click the blooming links and sign up Grrr! Ha ha ha)

I’m just trying out so thats probably why I have no sales yet, I’ll give it time and it will take me a while to get all my stock images online.
I’ve kicked Gimmiestock out altogether, nothing ever sold, the site has a slow review time and a painfull system of uploading images.

If you are looking for ease of upload, go for StockXpert, it has to be the most user / Photographer Friendly of the bunch, being able to set image properties to groups of images at the same time is a total time saver.
Istock might well be one of the worst sites for uploading, but if you use one of the image manager programs they offer it can streamline your workflow there.

Advice is to always keyword and caption your files off-line in Adobe Bridge (or other image management program that supports embeded data).

If you are after Free Royalty Free Shots for your designing pleasure, Fotolia and Dreamstime would be my recommendations as they always have fresh images for you to grab, just click one of my links and sign up πŸ˜‰

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