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I’m due a stock update, so here is a tiny little update…

You may have read before that I was trying out 3 other stock sites, Crestock, LuckyOliver, and FeaturePics.

I uploaded just over 800 images to Crestock and had 302 accepted – The worst acceptance ratio of any of my sites! I’ve made $4 from 9 download thus far…
I uploaded about 909 images at LuckyOliver and have 803 accepted – The Best acceptance ratio of all my sites! 🙂 I’ve made $2.70 from 6 download thus far…

I didn’t bother with FeaturePics because the upload process was going to take too long and I don’t have time to mess around ticking boxes and setting prices on another site. I guess I may change my mind later but for now I’m going to stick with the 7 images I bothered to upload.

Out of these three site LuckyOliver is by far the most friendly and entertaining, review time was approximately 7 days from upload and they inspected over 900 images in that time, fingers crossed for some sales 🙂

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