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British prisons are full and we need more prisons it seems…! (My Arse!)

The simple answer to all this… is for Britain to have a ‘Prison Cull‘ and kill off all the total nasty scum that we working tax paying British are paying to keep. We Do not need more prisons, we need less prisoners, we need a fresh death penalty and for it to be used.

Why should I pay to feed, and keep, a criminal on a life sentence or other unworthy scum?

I, and indeed, we shouldn’t!

A life sentence for Murder and other crimes of that moral severity should mean DEATH, it shouldn’t mean that I get to pay my taxes to keep them for the rest of their lives (or until they get let out after half their pathetic sentence on good behaviour).

Britain is loosing the plot, too much political correctness and government money wasted on people and projects that don’t deserve it.

Simple = Bullet in the head!
The Cost = Price of a Bullet!

The government should have a referendum and ask the people, and do what the people say rather than ignoring the people and doing whatever the hell they like! And you wonder why no one trusts a politician! Ha! “Couldn’t organise a Piss up in a brewery” springs to mind!

I believe being British used to mean something…

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here’s a Picture of a church shot with the Sigma 10-20mm to celebrate!


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