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Brewing Equip

These are the posts which show the home brewing equipment I have made so I can make Craft Brewed Beer 🙂

Dual Helix Wort Chiller. A couple of curly coils slotted together to form an Immersion cooler.
Dual Helix Wort Chiller
45L Igloo Coolbox with Stainless False BottomPutting a Stainless Steel False bottom in an Igloo Coolbox.

Building a 45 Litre Igloo Mash Tun. – An Igloo coolbox converted with a 22mm copper manifold and 15mm ballvalve tap into a 45 litre Mash Tun.

Building a dual purpose Copper / Hot Liquor Tank from a 50 Litre Stainless Steel stock pot and two Backer kettle elements. – This Copper / HLT was not built for me, though I may upgrade to one of these stock pots in due course.

Aluminium Stock Pot to Copper Wort boiler Conversion – This is my Current Copper Boiler and has always worked admirably draining down to the last cup full with the Syphon effect.

Thermos Coolbox to Mash Tun Conversion – Works pretty well, I opened the copper manifold slots up with a 1mm grinding disk in the angle grinder, its next incarnation will use 22mm copper pipe rather than 15mm so the slots have more open area to the Mash.

An experiment in Counterflow wort Cooling – This was just an experiment, shame it didn’t really work well enough!

Mini Mash Tun with False Bottom – I changed the plastic Plate for a Copper manifold, this generally works pretty well, though best to keep a nice steady run-off with either of my Mash Tun’s copper manifolds.

Making a copper coil Immersion Cooler – This is pretty sweet really, does the job with no fuss, simple and pretty cheap to construct.

Mango Chutney Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) – This is going to be my temperature Controlled Hot Liquor Tank, running 2 Budget Kettle Elements, I may fit a small pump to stir the liquor with to ensure a good even temperature, also probably fit a Hop stopper so I can brew a full 9 Gallon cask brew-length if needed.
HLT construction

Heating / Cooling, Temperature Controller for HLT or Fermentation Fridge – Using an STC-1000 temperature controller bought from Ebay, I will be controlling 1 Kettle  element in my HLT with this to keep the hot liquor at a steady 80c.

My Garage, right from the Ground works to Mini Craft Brewery
– Brewery Corner with plumbed in Hot & Cold water, Gas and lots of Electric and a waste water outlet if I need it. I’ll have a work bench and my weight training equipment in here too.

I will update this list as I make more or alter what I have already made.

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5 Responses to "Brewing Equip"

[…] What’s your favourite bit of home brew kit? Currently probably my Refractometer as it gives me quick and easy reassurance that my Mash run-off is good. Overall it would have to be my home made temperature controlled HLT […]

Hi there, Nice setup!! Your immersion chiller looks sweet running through that jig to seperate the coils.

How did you wire up your temperatue controller? I just order the same unit and was considering running a 2kw element off it for the HLT. Wondering if the current will cause damage to the controller? Did you wire it up to a relay?

You should do some brewing videos for youtube…

Cheers Hayden

No relays, the controller is good for 2kW, I think if you go much above 2.5kW you would need relays, so its wired up as shown.

Can we have some new photos of you garage brewery layout ?


They are all there in the Brewday posts… somewhere, its just a 3 tier thing.

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