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Its burns, It Burns…. make it Stop!!!

Following a simple recipe from picklehead at I have just made myself 2 Jars of pickled Chilli’s.
I used my home grown Cayenne (green and red), Rocoto Orange, Thai Bangkok Upright, and a couple of varieties I bought from The South Devon Chilli Farm Santa Fe Grande, Ring Of Fire, and Pimentos de Padron. I bought the latter ones to try out some cooking idea’s and to try my tastes for future growing next year.
Needless to say I didn’t expect to be nursing my hands under the cold tap now, I guess it must be the vinegar (acid) that lets the Capsaicin soak into and through the upper layers of skin… and WOW!!! Does it hurt! Burns like hell !!!
I have leant my lesson now, its rubber gloves at the ready for next time… pheeew!!!
Here’s some pictures of some of the proccess:

Making sure the Jars are Stirile.

Blanching the Chilli’s.

The Fruit and pain of my Labours…!
I actually made 2 jars… 😉
You can find the recipe for the pickled chilli’s here.

Here’s some more information for the Photographer wanting to get into Royalty Free Stock market selling, i’ve been doing a little more playing with my spreadsheet and have worked out some averages for each of the listed sites below, check the Pie Chart to see which RF Stock seller makes the most:


Its quite a shift in Pie since my last little chart which only showed my total earnings sliced up across the 8 different sites.
I wish I had listened and started up at Shutterstock to begin with, for the simple speed of sales and amounts which far out-weigh any of the other sites. Here’s the actual numbers too: (see Key below for more info) *You may have to open the image in another window or save it to your computer as this blog chops some of it off*


Numbers = total images sold per site
$ / Image = Average earnings per image sold

OK, i just popped on to see my grandad and had slightly soggy ginger biscuits with tea, I also repotted mytwo Purple Tiger Chilli’s 😉

First up is the Purple Tiger:


Next we’ll have the Thai Bangkok Upright:

And here’s the yellowness of the Rocoto Orange:

And lastly here’s a few shots of the Cayenne pods that I’ve picked today:
handfullofcayenne.jpg cayennepods.jpg

I may take a few shots of these for RF Stock 😉

Something like this maybe 😉

The Rocoto Orange are changing colour 🙂



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