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Here is my all-time top-5 run-down… (I’ve had a massive stock break, not uploaded anything in about 2 years! *which also means I’ve been brewing for 2 years!)
This shows which my consistent sellers are at the main stock sites. (Grunge ahoy!)


In at number one is ‘Black Photocopy background Texture’ selling 164 times, 5093 and earning $268.68

At number two is ‘Coffee Cup coaster ring stains’ selling 119 times,  4092 views and earning $119.06

At number three is ‘CT Scan Skull Slices’ selling 116 times, 25345 views and earning $59.52

At number four is ‘Acorns from an Oak tree’ selling 111 times, 4388 views and earning $131.53

At number five is ‘Paper Airplane’ selling 97 times, 5494 views, and earning $177.12


In at number one is ‘Canvas texture Element’ selling 49 times, 1900 vies and earning $60.32
Canvas Texture Element
At number two is ‘Cup Stains Set’ selling 48 times, 2138 views and earning $58.92
Cup Stains Set
At number three is ‘Photocopy Texture Element’ selling 39 times, 2150 views and earning $80.29
Photocopy Texture Element
At number four is ‘Paper Airplane’ selling 35 times, 54239 views and earning $59.89
Paper Airplane
At number five is ‘Cup Stains set’ selling 33 times, 1342 views and earning $41.13
Cup Stains Set

I’d do Shutterstock & Fotolia too but they don’t give image specific stats, I could do Fotolia sales and views but it doesn’t show the image earnings.
You can sort by ‘downloads’ at my Fotolia Portfolio to see the current sales & view stats and see the most popular downloads from my Shutterstock Portfolio.

My first ‘On Demand’ sale at shutterstock looks promising at $2.48 for 1 sale, much better than the original subscription payout level I’m on of $0.33 per sale 🙂 Lets hope for more of these 🙂
Shutterstock could claw back some potential buyers that might have been defecting to istockphoto with this, and its going to keep the photographers happy too. 🙂

Coffee cup stains, a range of cups and other round things were used to print these stain marks with pigmented black ink, scanned at high res.

background, base, beverage, black, bottle, bottom, caffeine, circle, coaster, coffee, cruddy, cup, design, desk, dirt, drink, drips, element, glass, grunge, grungy, ink, liquid, mark, mess, messy, mono, mug, old, paint, paper, pattern, prints, rings, round, runs, single, spill, splatter, stain, texture, used, water, wet, white

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Old Tea Chest Grunge texture Background
© Photographer: Pdtnc | Agency:

I’ve had a couple of sales from subscriptions, but the earnings increase of $0.06 on top of the usual $0.30 isn’t really much to shout about.
This is the Second exclusive sale I have had from credits:

Title: Old Tea Chest Grunge texture Background
Description: Old Tea Chest Grunge texture Background, stained foil paper.
Views: 14
Downloads: 1
Downloaded by: 1 members, 0 guests
old and 2006 credits : 0 small, 0 maximum, 0 additional
2007 credits : 0 small, 0 medium, 1 large, 0 maximum, 0 additional
subscriptions : 0
Total: $1.8 – an extra 30 cents than non-exclusive

Rocks with embeded fossils in
© Photographer: Pdtnc | Agency:

And this was the first exclusive sale from credits:

Title: Rocks with embeded fossils in
Description: Rocks with embedded fossils in Whitby north yorkshire
Views: 24
Downloads: 1
Downloaded by: 1 members, 0 guests
old and 2006 credits : 0 small, 0 maximum, 0 additional
2007 credits : 0 small, 1 medium, 0 large, 0 maximum, 0 additional
subscriptions : 0
Total: $1.2 – an extra 20 cents than non-exclusive

Its not bad I guess, and the more levels the image goes up the better commission it will pay. *fingers crossed for more sales* 🙂

Combined Keywords:
animal, background, backgrounds, creature, fossil, fossils, geological, imprint, invertebrates, layers, mineralized, natural, paleontology, prehistoric, rocks, sea, sedimentary, shells, strata, texture, textured, abstract, aged, antique, chest, dirty, grain, grime, grunge, layer, messy, old, overlay, paper, parchment, past, rotten, rotting, rough, scar, spotted, stained, tea, texture, textured, weathered, worn,

OK, here’s a quicky set, just 6 brushes to stamp scratches over your images with, sharp edged so its best to have the image size smaller than the brush :p Available at to save my bandwidth limit. If you download these, please leave a comment to let me know, thanks 🙂

The Full size scratches images set are available at stockxpert 😉

Go check my new brushes, made while digging back through my archive of images from a few years back, good shit for grungy masking or embellishing your PS images.

First two in the list on the brushes page, and here’s a lil’ taster pic…
The Scratchy Mix set is like an over-all layer to grungify your pictures, and the Splats set is just as it sounds… splatty! *Don’t forget to consider a lil’ donation if you use for commercial work*

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