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Go check my new brushes, made while digging back through my archive of images from a few years back, good shit for grungy masking or embellishing your PS images.

First two in the list on the brushes page, and here’s a lil’ taster pic…
The Scratchy Mix set is like an over-all layer to grungify your pictures, and the Splats set is just as it sounds… splatty! *Don’t forget to consider a lil’ donation if you use for commercial work*

First off, here's a Chilli Pepperplant from the top 😀 They are growing pretty well at the moment, soon need to be taken onto my Grandad's to put in his Greenhouse 🙂

Then there's Timmy Taylors 😀 Have a Pint of Landlord should you find it 😉
(only for "Men of the North", none of your watery southern beer up here!) 😀


Go grab 'em now… you just know you need to make stains on things 😉 Check the Brushes page.

Here's a quick shot of my chilli pepper seedlings, coming on strong…. can't wait untill I actually get some fruit, then I can put them in my curry's and maybe try makng some hot sauce too, yum! 🙂

Chilli Peppers

I have about 8 different varieties that I'm going to be growing 😉

Scanned from some old blotting paper that was used to press flowers, stained nicely from flower juice!

Go check the Brushes Section for 🙂 Its a set of 16 brushes, textural and some frame elements.
Free for Non-Commercial use, if you use in your Commercial work please consider donating a little… remember, “Photoshop brushes die in hot cars”, and you wouldn’t want that on your conscious now would you!
Small fluffy animals were hurt in the making of these brushes!

My Photoshop Brushes and Tunes pages are up, check ’em out, all my own creations.
let me know how you use the Brushes etc and what you think of the tunes, thanks

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