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If you happen to go to you’ll find a shed load of new referral links to my stock sites and i added an iframe so that this blog is viewable in the same page, all done with layers and tables, pretty roughly 😀
I’ll eventually get around to tidying up, or even re-designing propperly sometime…

Go click some shit!

…maybe I’ll start work on a music page next 😉

Would you believe, I have been taking pictures, painting textures and scanning stuff just for the hell of it, well now I’m doing it for a purpose, starting with So now I’m making a few cents and a few dollars for what was sitting around on my hard drive / CDR’s / DVDR’s… iStock is the daddy, the most popular RF stock site on the net and probably the most sorted out site too.
View My Portfolio probably comes in second place, with a fine selection of images and a fairly comprehensive set of user controls and a growing community.
Royalty Free Images

If you are after a site that works, has the features and really good time saving solutions to inherent stock uploading and setting of categories, might just be what you are looking for, this site wins hands down with use-a-billity!!!

I’m listing these in order of $$$ so far, and 4th comes It has all the usual, with a different way of categorising images, same-same in some ways but maybe it will help you find that illusive image with ‘feel’. is my final, some usefull uploaders features, not paying much as yet…

Ooo, look a Blog!test image

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