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Is it cos I is Black – A Black IPA to be served from Cask at the forthcoming NCB Competition meet at Saltaire Brewery. Ali-G reference 🙂 init!  This wall be heavily dry hopped in two stages, first in the FV with Pellet hops, and secondly in the cask with whole hop cones.
I’m managing to use up a few bag ends too, Flaked Wheat, Munich Malt, NZ Cascade & Motueka 🙂

Pale Malt – 70.7%
Flaked Wheat – 8.7%
Munich Malt – 7.9%
Carapils (Weyermann) – 5.9%
Carafa Special III – 2.4%
Black Malt – 2.4%
Cara Aroma (Weyermann) – 1.9%

Magnum – 14.5 % @ 60 mins – 20g – First Wort Hop
Columbus (Tomahawk) – 16 % @ 60 mins – 20g – First Wort Hop
Simcoe – 12.2 % @ 0 mins – 30g – 80c Steep
Chinook – 11.5 % @ 0 mins – 20g – 80c Steep
Nelson Sauvin – 13.0 % @ 0 mins – 20g – 80c Steep
Citra – 13.8 % @ 0 mins – 30g – 80c Steep
Summit – 14.3 % @ 0 mins – 30g – 80c Steep
Motueka (B Saaz) – 13.8 % @ 0 mins – 13g – 80c Steep
NZ Cascade – 10.2 % @ 0 mins – 11g – 80c Steep

Final Volume: 23 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.055
Final Gravity: 1.015
Alcohol Content: 5.2% ABV
Total Liquor: 34 Litres
Mash Liquor: 13.8 Litres
Mash Efficiency: 75 %
Bitterness: 60 EBU
Colour: 129 EBC
Yeast: Safale us-05
Mash for 90mins, Boil for 60mins
Liquor Treatment: General Purpose with the Graham Wheeler Calculator

Malts, malt temp & Salt additions:
Recirculating the first 4-5 litres, first Wort hops in the copper:
154g of 80c steep hops:
Should have been 1055, I got 1050, will do for me:
Pump Clip Design:

Mash efficiency was 83%, I added an extra litre in the sparge to compensate for extra hop-losses in the copper.
Another easy brewday followed by some messing around in Photoshop 🙂
I’ll update this post when I settle on which Dry Hops I’m going to use.

*4th March ’12 – Dry Hopped in FV with 20g of each of the following Pellets; Summit, Nelson Sauvin, Chinook & Cascade. Further whole hop dry-hopping in cask in about a weeks time.

*9th Mar ’12 – Racked this to cask and dry hopped with a further 25g Nelson Sauvin & 38g Simcoe (last of two bags), Allkleer Finings & 25g priming sugar used.
Bit of an pain having a homebrew FV fully dry hopped with Pellets, my Tea-ball syphon worked pretty well until the last couple of litres (critical litres to fill the cask) when it turned into a furry-pellet-blob and stopped flowing, the last little bit I had to jug a little murky beer into the cask.
So that is a Note-to-Self, don’t fully dry-hop the FV with pellets! I feel a mix of pellets & flowers would have not blocked up and a fully dry-hopped FV with flowers has no trouble at all syphoning.
I’d expect that if I had a chill-able Conical FV I could avoid most of this and draw-off the beer above the pellet sludge of rack-off the pellet debris first a day or so earlier.

*31st Mar ’12 – The first cask ale to run-off at the Northern Craft Brewers English IPA Competition at Saltaire Brewery

Dark Horse Brewery's Hetton Pale Ale

I arranged to go over to Dark Horse Brewery the other week to buy some local beer for a family member, a 12-pack of Hetton Pale bottles and the brewer, Richard, was kind enough to let me have some quality looking branded glassware.
Again it is nice to get another brewer’s perspective on brewing and beer and find out about how they do things and the process they follow to get a glorious Yorkshire pint of beer into the drinkers hand.
Richard runs a 15bbl plant at 10bbl brew-length which used to belong to Sharp’s in Cornwall, he treats his hard Dales Limestone water from his own bore-hole to soften it, ferments with his house yeast (I think he said it was originally Holts Brewery yeast) in square fermenters before transferring to conditioning tanks before racking to cask, all brewery effluent is treated on-site with a reed bed system… very ethical and must save a fortune long term.
The Brewery building:
Dark Horse Brewery's Hetton Pale Ale
A section of the Reed bed:
Dark Horse Brewery's Hetton Pale Ale

I won’t write about the beer as others with more eloquence have already done it for me, just click the links below, and do try a pint from the Dark Horse Brewery when you see it.

Hetton Pale Ale –
Yorkshire’s Perfect Pint – Craven Herald
Hetton Pale Ale – Good People Eats
Hetton Best Bitter –
Dark Horse Brewery – YourRound
Dark Horse Brewery – Quaffale

Northern & Midland Craft Brewers are having a Competition & Meeting at the Saltaire Brewery, Shipley, (Map)  Saturday March 31st 2012

Saltaire Brewery
This year we are running an English IPA competition, to be judged by Derek (The Brewery Manager of Saltaire Brewery), Zak Avery (Beer Blogger & of BeerRitz in Leeds) Rob Derbyshire (Blogger of, among others.
Sadly Tony, the owner & Head Brewer of Saltaire, won’t be with us as he has family arrangements he cannot break, if anyone wants to leave him a bottle or two I’m sure he’d be very pleased.
We invited the Midlands Craft Brewers, to make things a little different as last year it was just the NCB, so this will be a bit of an Inter region competition, as well as a good meeting, get brewing your best English  IPA recipe, this promises to be a great meeting and competition, not to mention we are hoping to see lots of Leeds Homebrewers too.
One entry per person only & entry is 2 pint/500ml brown (Magners style) Bottles, with Gold crown corks, (entries to be brought on the day).
Prizes will be awarded as usual, & the brewery will have 8 beers on Tap and guess what… all 8 beers are being brewed especially for the occasion, Saltaire’s IPA will fill one Tap and the other 7 Taps are being brewed by a few local Homebrewers, the beers will all be IPA’s so make sure you bring a fresh pallet as we hope to ravage yours.
We are running this as a charitable event so other than the Saltaire IPA the other homebrewed beers will be for a donation, we’d hope donations will be as last year with people giving the usual Saltaire price of £2 a pint.

We are expecting a large amount of entries for this competition, therefore to enter, please

Closing Date for entries is Friday 16th March 2012
2 Bottle labels and entry number will be posted out to each entrant.
£3.00 Competition entry on the Day.

English IPA, any English hops, 1050-1070 (Please see this PDF of Hops allowed, no american C hops or NZ varieties please this is an English IPA Competition), any Malts allowed and your choice of Yeast.






1.050 – 1.070 1.010 – 1.018 40 – 80 8 – 14 5 – 7.4%

The Original announcement:

Other stuff to note, we’ll be meeting at 12 noon for a 1pm start, doors will be open earlier but we’ll be setting up so if you’re early take a seat and chill while we’re ready.
Bring food if you need it as there is nothing closer than a 10 minute walk, the ground floor has level access.
And of course, beer swapping, tasting of homebrew is very much encouraged… we’re on for a fantastic day! 🙂
I shall update this post if any other details crop up, Turn your brewing dial to ‘Eleven’ and get that Copper boiling!

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