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There’s another UK Govt’ Petition running at
Here’s a brief psynopsis:

There are a number of moves promoting the requirement of ‘ID’ cards to allow photographers to operate in a public place. It is a fundamental right of a UK citizen to use a camera in a public place, indeed there is no right to privacy when in a public place. These moves have developed from paranoia and only promote suspicion towards genuine people following their hobby or profession.

From what I understand, its a somewhat flawed petiotion argument, but I still think its a good thing that the British government know that we photographers will stand up for the right to Photograph! 😉

I just check under the covers of the propagator and I have sprouting seeds 🙂 🙂 The soil is looking a bit wet so I’m going to leave the covers off this weekend and let the air to them, I’ll be upset if I manage to make them all rot off! 😐


Santa Fe Grande, Apache, Cayenne, and Thai Orange are all germinating 🙂 I can’t wait now 🙂

Saturday 17th 2007 – Seeds sown in my christmas present, 9 varieties of chilli.
I have 7 trays on the Electric proporgator and 2 of them have two varieties in them with a divider down the middle, everything was planted in a mix of a Soil Based Potting compost with about 10% Vermiculite added.

Here’s a pic


The seeds planted were as follows:

  • Cayenne
  • Anaheim
  • Santa Fe Grande
  • Pepperoncini
  • Orange Thai
  • Apache
  • Scotch Bonnet Yellow
  • Aji Rojo
  • Sweet Banana

Chilli seed that is! 😉 Sowing on Saturday, going to get my new heated propagator up and running 🙂


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