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Daily / Monthy Stock Image Averages

Posted on: October 14, 2006

Its time for another royalty free stock image update covering iStockphoto (iStock), CanStockPhoto (CSP), BigStockPhoto (BSP), Fotolia, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, StockXpert (SXP), and 123RF.
I’ve been working out some very accurate averages for selling my Royalty Free Stock on the various sites, its all to do with this and this 1 year = 365.242199 days which is a pretty accurate length of a year. The amount of time I’ve spent playing with a spread sheet and figuring out how to do what i wanted to do! 😀 Its passed the time.
As you can Clearly see Shutterstock is in the lead by a long way giving almost half of my stock earnings followed by iStock and Dreamstime. I must say Dreamstime is becoming more and more consistant lately and will be giving iStock a run for its money!

Join Date Earning Days Stock Ave Earnings / Day / Month  
31 Oct 05 348 Istockphoto 1.78 USD 54.17 USD  
9 Mar 06 219 CanStockPhoto 0.14 USD 4.16 USD  
9 Mar 06 219 BigStockPhoto 0.17 USD 5.14 USD  
12 Mar 06 216 Fotolia 0.42 USD 12.88 USD  
9 Mar 06 219 Dreamstime 1.24 USD 37.87 USD  
15 Jun 06 121 Shutterstock 3.40 USD 103.58 USD  
25 Mar 06 203 StockXpert 0.57 USD 17.44 USD  
2 Jul 06 104 123RF 0.16 USD 4.99 USD  
Total Days 1649 Total USD 7.89 USD 240.23 USD  



4 Responses to "Daily / Monthy Stock Image Averages"

Have to agree with you about dreams, it become a very good site for me as well. After 2 great months with shutter sales are going down per month.

It you get time check out luckoliver. I’ve only had one sale so far, but it has a great look and feel to the site. Hope the site does well.

hehe you wanna be careful posting that info, you will have to declair it to the ole tax man soon!! thats over £1200 a year!

good totals ‘claps’

thanks for the comment on my site–it’s good to see how others are doing. you’re probably right, a per day total would be more interesting–or monthly charts even. my ss earnings have skyrocketed lately (finally made a few footage sales!).

peace, lpkb

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