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The second pickled chilli session

Posted on: October 11, 2006


This time I was prepared with rubber gloves! And yet I still managed to make my hands burn a little.
I tried White Wine / Cider Vinegar this time and made 3 jars of pickled chillies each with a different mix of either vinegar and pickling spices. I’ll maybe be cracking open a jar next week for a tasting 🙂
The chillies I used were a mix of Thai Bangkok Upright, Rocoto Orange, Cayenne, with some tiny little Purple Tiger’s. I find the Rocoto make a very fine pickled chilli and are rather tasty. 🙂


2 Responses to "The second pickled chilli session"

Those gloves remind me of the doctors! harhar.

Can i ask what u fed your chilli plants? You have had a whopping crop of chillis, good for you 🙂 I really dont like using plant food, but hey it works!

My sweetcorn were a sad sight, had 6 but they didn’t quite finish growing before autumn set in 😀

Hmm!, Doctors, Gloves & Chillies…. sounds bad! eek!
I just gave them a very occasionaly weak mix of Miracle grow house plant food. I think what worked best was nipping the tops out of the plant (most of those in the picture came from just one bushy small plant), I think it was you who had told me to nip ’em out 😉

Shame about the sweetcorn, did you take any pics of it??

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