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45L Igloo Coolbox Mash Tun with Stainless False Bottom

Posted on: May 14, 2011

I just finished building my 45L Igloo Coolbox with Stainless False Bottom its been a fair bit of grinding with an Angle Grinder to make the right shape to fit the moulding of the coolbox, finished off in a few places with some 5/16th beer-line for a snug fit and to fix a corner I took a bit too much off, Its all spaced off the bottom with stainless cap screws. I could have fixed the corner and put Beer-line all round the circumference but had done enough grinding to make-fit.

Some of the tools used:
Drilled out Tank Connector with modified Elbow fitted so it is level with the flat base of the tun thanks to the coolbox moulding where the tap fits:
Stainless Steel Cap Screws used as stand-offs so about 25-30mm up from bottom:
Another Cap Screw in the centre to lift it out with:
Outside with Tank Connector & Ball Valve fitted:
False Bottom Fitted:
I had to give the Perforated stainless a good soak and scrub in Washing Soda to remove all grease that came on it.
I have to say this was easier than cutting and soldering loads of bits of copper pipe… Just needs a test run now! Maybe a BIG beer or a Parti-Gyle brew.


10 Responses to "45L Igloo Coolbox Mash Tun with Stainless False Bottom"

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Hi pdtnc. Looks great! Any idea what size the holes are and their spacing in the false bottom. I’ve just got my self a cool box and your design looks great.

I took a picture for you 2mm holes and 6mm centres. 🙂

Looks great! I am trying to put together a 50L thermopot MLT atm. I contacted muddydisco but it seems he no longer does them, so will have to try and do it myself :-/

yeah, you just need an angle grinder and a bit of patience. wasn’t Brewzone (or whoever on jims) selling a couple?

Niiiiice! I’d had a similar idea for stand offs for a stainless steel false bottom but wasn’t sure what would work best, yours look great! Have you brewed with this mash tun yet?

Oops yeah, I just read the following post, you mention the new tun 😦 silly moi, heh heh

Sorry I’m late to the party. Where did you get the false bottom from?

I made it with my Angle Grinder and a fair bit of patience 🙂 The Stainless steel can be bought from in the UK

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