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Mini mash tun with false bottom

Posted on: June 27, 2009

I made a mini mash tun with False bottom, made out of a 15 Litre bucket, drum tap, Camping mats (2 layers, 3 on Lid with 2″ skirting), a pink plastic plate (2mm holes drilled), some copper fittings, a tank connector and a bit of PVC tube, and Duct tape 😉
Even though I already made a Thermos Coolbox mash Tun, I still want to experiment with small batches which means more brewing and ‘testing’ 🙄 of recipes 😉
The finished thing:


The False bottom and bits of dodgily pushed together pipe:

Did a little heat loss test with hot water:

Time : : Temp
19.36 – 61.1 C
20.38 – 58.6 C
21.06 – 58.0 C
21.35 – 57.6 C

Ordered some Mash-able grains from BarleyBottom / Hope-&-Grape… 🙂

If it falls apart on first use I’ll be tipping the mash into the Coolbox to sparge and I’ve got a slight re-design in mind which won’t fall apart! 😉


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[…] Mini Mash Tun with False Bottom – I changed the plastic Plate for a Copper manifold, this generally works pretty well, though best to keep a nice steady run-off with either of my Mash Tun’s copper manifolds. […]

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