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Waimea Amarillo Ahtanum – I’ll think up a better name than this! This is my brew for the bar at Saltaire Brewery / NCB Competition, I’ve gone for Flaked Oats & Barley in there and the water profile is for a Mild to try and keep some good body. I plan to dry hop this brew in the FV and probably a light dry hop in the cask too. Oh, btw… its a ‘Hoppy Blonde’ 😉

Pale Malt – 71.3%
Munich Malt – 9.6%
Flaked Barley – 6.5%
Caramalt – 4.8%
Carapils (Weyermann) – 4.8%
Flaked Oats – 3.1%

Cluster Pellet 7.9 % @ 60 mins – 3g (FWH)
Waimea Pellet 14.9 % @ 15 mins – 22g
Amarillo Whole 10.1 % @ 15 mins – 22g
Ahtanum Pellet 5.2 % @ 15 mins – 16g
Waimea Pellet 14.9 % 0 mins – 40g
Amarillo Whole 10.1 % @ 0 mins – 40g
Ahtanum Pellet 5.2 % @ 0 mins – 20g
Cluster Pellet 7.9 % @ 0 mins – 6g (Just ‘cos 6g isn’t worth keeping)

Final Volume: 25 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.041
Final Gravity: 1.010
Alcohol Content: 4% ABV
Mash Efficiency: 75 %
Bitterness: 29 EBU
Colour: 9 EBC
Yeast: Safale us-05
Mash: 68°c for 90mins
Liquor Treatment: THBF Mild profile

The Malts:
A Massive 3 whole grams of bittering hops:
The Waimea Turd, smelled great and were really sticky:
Running off the mash and heating the copper:
In go the 15min hops:
Flameout hops for a 20minute Copper stand:

Ended up with an OG of 1049 so liquored back to 1041 giving me 26.22L in the FV, using a fair amount of hop pellets in the boil has stopped hop absorption in comparison to whole hops, this should leave plenty of beer to fill a cask and get some bottles 🙂

*26th Mar ’14 – Gravity at 1010.5 so Dry Hopped with Amarillo 32g, Ahtanum 34g & Waimea 39g so round about 4g/litre

*Cask & Bottled 3rd Apr ’14 – Tasting good, decided not to dry hop the cask.

*12th Apr ’14 – This won the show of hands for ‘Best Cask Ale’ at the Northern Craft Brewers Competition at Saltaire Brewery 🙂

*26th Apr ’14 – Having a bottle of this now and its rather blooming good, its quite dry but a lovely flavour, more of a 4% IPA.

Blueberry PA / Saison – I’ve never used fruit in a beer so the NCB/Saltaire Competition on the 12th April is as good of an excuse as any… (Don’t forget Entries close on the 31st March so get your entry emails into Shane as there is still plenty of time to brew).
I’m going to stew up the Blueberries in a pan to kill any wild yeasts or nasties and add them during fermentation, I’m splitting the wort into two FVs and using good old us-05 in one and Belle Saison yeast in the other, I’ll enter whichever beer turns out the best.
The malts in the recipe are a bit of a mish-mash but the hopping is straight Mosaic, for its Blueberry notes, and I may pellet Dry-Hop one or both of these.

Pale Malt – 70.3%
Flaked Wheat – 10.6%
Caragold – 7.7%
Wheat Malt – 6.7%
Crystal Rye Malt – 4.6%

Mosaic – 11.8 % @ 60 mins – 20g
Mosaic – 11.8 % @ 0 mins – 40g (Flameout steep for 25mins)

Dry Hops & Fruit:
Blueberries – a Punnet or two split between the FVs
Mosaic Pellet – 50g (25g per FV)

Final Volume: 25 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.056
Final Gravity: 1.014
Alcohol Content: 5.4% ABV
Mash Efficiency: 75 %
Bitterness: 21 EBU (I’m keeping the bitterness low to balance any acidity from the fruit and work with the dryness of the Saison yeast)
Colour: 19 EBC
Mash: 90mins @ 66c
Boil: 60mins

The malts all blended together:
Mosaic Hops smelling good:
Flameout hops:
1060.5 going for 1056:

400g per 12.5 litres Frozen Blueberries:
AG#116 - Blueberry PA / Saison, frozen at the moment.
Microwaved and Mushed up (Added 18th Mar ’14):
AG#116 - Blueberry PA / Saison, microwaved and crushed

*20th Mar ’14 – Gravities: Belle Saison at 1011.5 vs US-05 at 1017.5, the Saison is up at a higher temp to the us-05 just a subtle pink hue to the beer from the Blueberries, think I need more!

*22nd Mar ’14 – Dry Hopped with 25g Mosaic per FV:
Just pass me a spoon and some whipped cream 🙂

*Bottled 29th Mar ’14 – Primed with 37g sugar in the PA and 55g in the Saison

Yesterday 31st Mar ’12  was the second Northern Craft Brewers meeting at Saltaire Brewery, this time we held a competition for the best English-Hopped IPA, with First, Second, Third & Forth prizes / certificates with two Highly Commended mentions.
There was also a Cask ale prize for the best home-brewed cask ale, we had an amazing and varied selection of IPA’s from both Northern & Midlands Craft brewers.
While Judging was commencing Shane did a 15 minute talk on India Pale Ales and excellent and romantic exposé of one of the most revered yet simple beers in British History.
We had home brewers from as far afield as Brighton, Cambridge, Durham & Newcastle and a large local contingent… there must have been over 50-60 of us which was a brilliant turn-out.

I’d best not forget the £400 we raised from beer-donations which we will share between these Charities:

Some of the crowd at the Brewery:

Someone had to do the pulling of pints, so myself, my wife and my colleague and his wife were running the bars:

The competition entries all labelled up and expertly organised by Shane:

Judging begins, we had National Guild judges, CAMRA judges, and Bloggers  Zak Avery ( & Rob Derbyshire (

Allan Gayton with his Rudyard IPA on the bar, a fine beer that might have been better on the upstairs bar:

The Trophy Tankards kindly provided by Tony the Head Brewer & Owner of Saltaire Brewery:

Best Cask beer was won by Dave a local home-brewer from Saltaire:

Steve won first prize for his English IPA:

Second prize was won by Tom:

I collected third prize:

Ray came forth place:

Highley Commended were Karl(pictured) and Ron:

Some of the crowd watching the Prize giving by Bill:

Here’s my Trophy Tankard, Certificate & Malt Miller Voucher:
Norther Craft Brewers / Saltaire Brewery IPA Competition
Thanks to Emma my wife for taking the photos.

Its been a great event and looks to have been appreciated by all who attended and entered their beers in the competition, Hopefully we’ll see you all again, same-ish time / same place, next year…

For further reading on the subject of India Pale Ales see:

The full results were:

1st Steve Syson MCB PrizeTankard and £20 Malt Miller Voucher
2Nd Tom Dobson (Brighton) PrizeTankard and £15 Malt Miller Voucher
3rd Adrian Chapman NCB PrizeTankard and £10 Malt Miller Voucher
4th Dr Ray Carson MCB £5 Malt Miller Voucher
5th Karl Clarke NCB Highly Commended
6th Ron Allison MCB Highly Commended
7th Neil Gardner NCB Highly Commended
8th Mathew Darcy NCB Highly Commended
9th Nigel Atak NCB Highly Commended

Also the Full Results of the Cask Peoples Vote were:

David Bishop                      (Tomahawk IPA)                              1st
Adrian Chapman              (Is it because I is Black)                  2nd Joint
Rob Derbyshire                 (C Bomb)                                             2nd Joint
N Gardner                           (Achillies)                                            4th
Barley Bottom                   (Black Beards Revenge)                5th
Allan Gayton                      (Rudyard)                                        6th

Here are the letters of thanks from the charities, thank you to all who came and had a few pints 🙂

Northern & Midland Craft Brewers are having a Competition & Meeting at the Saltaire Brewery, Shipley, (Map)  Saturday March 31st 2012

Saltaire Brewery
This year we are running an English IPA competition, to be judged by Derek (The Brewery Manager of Saltaire Brewery), Zak Avery (Beer Blogger & of BeerRitz in Leeds) Rob Derbyshire (Blogger of, among others.
Sadly Tony, the owner & Head Brewer of Saltaire, won’t be with us as he has family arrangements he cannot break, if anyone wants to leave him a bottle or two I’m sure he’d be very pleased.
We invited the Midlands Craft Brewers, to make things a little different as last year it was just the NCB, so this will be a bit of an Inter region competition, as well as a good meeting, get brewing your best English  IPA recipe, this promises to be a great meeting and competition, not to mention we are hoping to see lots of Leeds Homebrewers too.
One entry per person only & entry is 2 pint/500ml brown (Magners style) Bottles, with Gold crown corks, (entries to be brought on the day).
Prizes will be awarded as usual, & the brewery will have 8 beers on Tap and guess what… all 8 beers are being brewed especially for the occasion, Saltaire’s IPA will fill one Tap and the other 7 Taps are being brewed by a few local Homebrewers, the beers will all be IPA’s so make sure you bring a fresh pallet as we hope to ravage yours.
We are running this as a charitable event so other than the Saltaire IPA the other homebrewed beers will be for a donation, we’d hope donations will be as last year with people giving the usual Saltaire price of £2 a pint.

We are expecting a large amount of entries for this competition, therefore to enter, please

Closing Date for entries is Friday 16th March 2012
2 Bottle labels and entry number will be posted out to each entrant.
£3.00 Competition entry on the Day.

English IPA, any English hops, 1050-1070 (Please see this PDF of Hops allowed, no american C hops or NZ varieties please this is an English IPA Competition), any Malts allowed and your choice of Yeast.






1.050 – 1.070 1.010 – 1.018 40 – 80 8 – 14 5 – 7.4%

The Original announcement:

Other stuff to note, we’ll be meeting at 12 noon for a 1pm start, doors will be open earlier but we’ll be setting up so if you’re early take a seat and chill while we’re ready.
Bring food if you need it as there is nothing closer than a 10 minute walk, the ground floor has level access.
And of course, beer swapping, tasting of homebrew is very much encouraged… we’re on for a fantastic day! 🙂
I shall update this post if any other details crop up, Turn your brewing dial to ‘Eleven’ and get that Copper boiling!

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