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I’m due a stock update, so here is a tiny little update…

You may have read before that I was trying out 3 other stock sites, Crestock, LuckyOliver, and FeaturePics.

I uploaded just over 800 images to Crestock and had 302 accepted – The worst acceptance ratio of any of my sites! I’ve made $4 from 9 download thus far…
I uploaded about 909 images at LuckyOliver and have 803 accepted – The Best acceptance ratio of all my sites! 🙂 I’ve made $2.70 from 6 download thus far…

I didn’t bother with FeaturePics because the upload process was going to take too long and I don’t have time to mess around ticking boxes and setting prices on another site. I guess I may change my mind later but for now I’m going to stick with the 7 images I bothered to upload.

Out of these three site LuckyOliver is by far the most friendly and entertaining, review time was approximately 7 days from upload and they inspected over 900 images in that time, fingers crossed for some sales 🙂

stock photos, royalty free stock photography, photo search

Its been a while since i posted anything to do with stock images, and I’m in a major need to update my online stock image report from my spreadsheet. This I shall get around to soon-ish, erm honest! 😉
For now though I am going to dip my stock toe in the water of 4 other Royalty Free sites and see if the water is Hot, Warm, Cold, or bloody freezing!

For this experiment I shall be using the following to sell my imagery wares to the design community:

stock photos, royalty free stock photography, photo search
Kinda cool quirky site… ever-so polite approval system.

Fairly easy submission process, lets see how it goes.

Lacks a referral scheme but its a pretty usable site.

View my royalty free stock photography gallery on
Lacks a sensible (so far as i’ve read) referral scheme, they don’t want to accept my images yet as its not to their ‘style’, quite possibly the ‘Bakers Dozen’… Number 13 bread roll I dropped on the floor and the dog licked it.

These 4 sites are obviously going to take a back seat to my others so don’t expect any instant results! 🙂

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