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British prisons are full and we need more prisons it seems…! (My Arse!)

The simple answer to all this… is for Britain to have a ‘Prison Cull‘ and kill off all the total nasty scum that we working tax paying British are paying to keep. We Do not need more prisons, we need less prisoners, we need a fresh death penalty and for it to be used.

Why should I pay to feed, and keep, a criminal on a life sentence or other unworthy scum?

I, and indeed, we shouldn’t!

A life sentence for Murder and other crimes of that moral severity should mean DEATH, it shouldn’t mean that I get to pay my taxes to keep them for the rest of their lives (or until they get let out after half their pathetic sentence on good behaviour).

Britain is loosing the plot, too much political correctness and government money wasted on people and projects that don’t deserve it.

Simple = Bullet in the head!
The Cost = Price of a Bullet!

The government should have a referendum and ask the people, and do what the people say rather than ignoring the people and doing whatever the hell they like! And you wonder why no one trusts a politician! Ha! “Couldn’t organise a Piss up in a brewery” springs to mind!

I believe being British used to mean something…

BBC news

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This news artical was on the BBC news the other night, ‘Changing the face of Formula One’
I mean ‘wow!’ a ‘Black’ F1 driver… shock horror, whatever next…. MOBO awards?! ha ha!

I for one am sick of hearing stories like this, why does this country make a point of hailing a black F1 driver or award ceremony such as the MOBO’s, just because the colour of their skin is something other than white?

The F1 driver for instance, he’s quite obviously a human, all his bodily organs work the same, he lives his life a person of the human race and, lucky for him, he does a job which he enjoys.

So… where exactly does the importance about being black come from?

Good, Bad, Beautiful, Ugly, Rich, Poor, Straight, Gay…. we are all still human.

I am fed up with this, somewhat, self- segregationΒ  that has probably formed due to the ‘Politically Correct’ society we live in. Its rather sad really.

The Urban Dictionary meaning for Politically Correct Racism

I’d like to see the word ‘Racism’ removed from common language, only to be used in extreme circumstances.

Tell me I’m wrong if you like, state your opinion, this is what I think and its my rant πŸ˜‰

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Ever have one of those weeks where you work non-stop all week at work? I don’t think I have ever had a week / month of my working life that has been as mad as this one!img_0201.JPG

Its mayhem at work, soooo much to do in not enough time. Yesterday evening I was just so knackered, today I actually didn’t get out of bed untill 9.15am today with is a long sleep in for me as I’m usually awake by 7am or something!
I feel the need to do nothing, just fanny about with bits and bats and not do anything that might mean using my brain, I don’t want to do anything that might require planning or has a deadline to it!
Next week is going to be just about as crazy too, maybe more so in a different way… Grrrr!
I mean! I’ve had my new camera for over a month now and hardly had time or the energy to play with it, so many fleeting photography idea’s that I want to try. I have a pile of stuff on my desk that needs setting up and shooting, even collected some conkers to take shots of but they are drying up now and have lost their shinniness 😦 (non-shinny conkers just don’t do it for me, even if they make me excited when I find them when fresh!)
Arrrggghhhhhh!!!!! (insert stressfull swear words here)


*note the little red flower, nice init!*

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I’ve culled the downloads though, so expect things to be un-available when you click, I’ve just left the smaller files sizes online… I’m going to have to look into hosting the files somewhere else or get some better featured hosting.

we’ll see, I’m not sure I can justify spending my own money on giving away free stuff!!!! 😐

oops! It seems since starting this Blog my Photoshop brushes have become a quite popular, so all the downloads are offline at the moment, I may have to buy some better hosted webspace with a few more features!

“Dear Customer,

It has come to our attention that in the last 24 hours your website
has exceeded its bandwidth allowance by a significant amount.

Unfortunately, because of the amount over the limit, your site has
been archived. Please contact us through the website if you want
your site to be restored. – we cannot do this by email or over the

Your website used 465246 KB OVER its bandwidth transfer
allowance during the last 24 hours”

😐 Sorry for any inconvienience 😐

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