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Dark Horse Brewery's Hetton Pale Ale

I arranged to go over to Dark Horse Brewery the other week to buy some local beer for a family member, a 12-pack of Hetton Pale bottles and the brewer, Richard, was kind enough to let me have some quality looking branded glassware.
Again it is nice to get another brewer’s perspective on brewing and beer and find out about how they do things and the process they follow to get a glorious Yorkshire pint of beer into the drinkers hand.
Richard runs a 15bbl plant at 10bbl brew-length which used to belong to Sharp’s in Cornwall, he treats his hard Dales Limestone water from his own bore-hole to soften it, ferments with his house yeast (I think he said it was originally Holts Brewery yeast) in square fermenters before transferring to conditioning tanks before racking to cask, all brewery effluent is treated on-site with a reed bed system… very ethical and must save a fortune long term.
The Brewery building:
Dark Horse Brewery's Hetton Pale Ale
A section of the Reed bed:
Dark Horse Brewery's Hetton Pale Ale

I won’t write about the beer as others with more eloquence have already done it for me, just click the links below, and do try a pint from the Dark Horse Brewery when you see it.

Hetton Pale Ale –
Yorkshire’s Perfect Pint – Craven Herald
Hetton Pale Ale – Good People Eats
Hetton Best Bitter –
Dark Horse Brewery – YourRound
Dark Horse Brewery – Quaffale

It was my other halves Birthday today, so we’ve just had a couple of days up at Masham in the Yorkshire Dales :)
The Black Sheep Brewery:
The Full Black Sheep set is here: … 195116936/

The Theakstons Brewery:
The Full Theakstons set is here: … 195199854/

I think? we went in all the pubs in Masham, only slightly iffy pint was from the ‘Bruce Arms’, looks like they are trying to be a bit modern and the pub has half of it as a Curry House… I’d go for a curry there again as it was bloody good but I’d give the beer a miss.
Cracking food and beer everywhere else :)

I’m a Black Sheep drinker, pretty much stayed away from the Theakstons except in the visitors centre bar, I find their beers to be too smooth and malt driven leaving me not wanting to drink any more.
Black Sheep on the other hand is refreshing and more-ishness with a thirst quenching ability.

The Theakstons tour is interesting as you get to see the real old brewing system that has not changed in years, its more like looking round an old factory (which you are) Its a shame they don’t expand on their lovely little visitors centre bar with a restaurant etc. I didn’t realise that it was fully Theakston owned again either, which is good to know.
Friendly staff who are most willing to let you have a free sample of everything that is on hand pull :)
The Black Sheep tour in comparrison is much more up-to-date with, what I’d say, is an American bent to it for our overseas visitors. The brewery still having its original slate Yorkshire Squares in use along with the more modern stainless steel versions, a good presentation and interesting guide. Two minor down sides would be the bar, although good, should be more drinker orientated… and their restaurant manager woman should be more polite when asked simple questions and not smirk at you as she tells you they are all booked up do to a function *Like, if it had said that on the blackboard on the way in it would have helped visitors*

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