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I’ve culled the downloads though, so expect things to be un-available when you click, I’ve just left the smaller files sizes online… I’m going to have to look into hosting the files somewhere else or get some better featured hosting.

we’ll see, I’m not sure I can justify spending my own money on giving away free stuff!!!! 😐

oops! It seems since starting this Blog my Photoshop brushes have become a quite popular, so all the downloads are offline at the moment, I may have to buy some better hosted webspace with a few more features!

“Dear Customer,

It has come to our attention that in the last 24 hours your website
has exceeded its bandwidth allowance by a significant amount.

Unfortunately, because of the amount over the limit, your site has
been archived. Please contact us through the website if you want
your site to be restored. – we cannot do this by email or over the

Your website used 465246 KB OVER its bandwidth transfer
allowance during the last 24 hours”

😐 Sorry for any inconvienience 😐

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If you happen to go to you’ll find a shed load of new referral links to my stock sites and i added an iframe so that this blog is viewable in the same page, all done with layers and tables, pretty roughly 😀
I’ll eventually get around to tidying up, or even re-designing propperly sometime…

Go click some shit!

…maybe I’ll start work on a music page next 😉

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