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AG#4 – Black Sheep Ale
I wasn’t going to brew today, I was meant to be taking a garage roof off but feeling a bit crappy and its raining anyway… Sooo!!!

Recipe to 23L from the Graham Wheeler book ūüôā

Final Volume: 23 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.046
Final Gravity: 1.011
Bitterness: 40 EBU
Colour: 27 EBC
I’m going to split the wort between 2 FVs and pitch Nottingham or US-05 to one and Pitch a litre of my large WhiteLabs Burton Ale yeast starter to the other.

The Grain Bill with 5g of Chalk and 5g of Gypsum
Mashed in @ temp
Mashed in pH looking pretty good
Hops Weighed out, 5g gypsum and 1 protafloc tablet ūüėČ
img*I’d better not post the picture of the hops as it gives the hop schedule away, it being from the GW book!/img
Mash finishing temp, the first run of the Coolbox tun went very well ūüôā
The Clearest wort I have produced so far, the depth and size of grain-bed definitely has an effect on this, this is after using my mini 15L bucket tun and getting cloudy wort.
FWH and 5g Gypsum
Warming up with the first Batch Sparge
Coming to a nice rolling boil
My Mash tun performed admirably, good clear flow no signs of sticking ūüėČ
10 min hops going in, chiller already in sanitising
Cold Break
The Clearest wort ever going into the FV ūüôā
OG, right about where it should be ūüôā ūüôā 1046/1024 @ 23.5 Deg C
Left overs

A fairly laid back brewday, started a bit confused with water treatments but got going after that ūüôā

The Burton Yeast Starter was smelling good and sulphurous so I’ve high hopes for the batch that had that pitched, the US-05 will be the hoppy control batch:)
Might be able to do a bit of a teste test with the real thing as we’re going to the brewery soon ūüôā
**Little FV update ;)

The Whitelabs Burton Ale Yeast:

The Safale US-05 Yeast:

Bit of a difference, then Burton is all froth and the US-05 is sticky slime :)

***Bottled 26th August ’09

Dry hopping both FV’s, double the amount of hops in the Burton Ale yeast FV in comparrison to the US-05 FV. (about 6g in the Burton)

Tastes from both FV couldn’t be more different, the US-05 is bitter and astringent with loads of hop flavours…
Whereas the Burton Ale Yeast has a rounded drinkable feel to it…
Interesting stuff ūüôā

Primed with 60g of Household sugar and a teaspoon of slurry mixed in well.
Sanitised with Starsan again, again rinsing half the bottles with the other half drip dry only.

AG#3 – Fuggles Bitter, H.Hillbilly’s House Bitter Grain bill
Thanks to Horden Hillbilly for answering my questions, I’ve used his grain bill for this recipe and just replaced the Goldings Hops with Fuggles.

Fermentable   Colour   lb: oz   Grams   Ratio
Maris Otter   4.25 EBC   4 lbs. 9.2 oz   2080 grams   90%
Crystal Malt   120 EBC   0 lbs. 4.9 oz   135 grams   6%
Torrefied Wheat   4 EBC   0 lbs. 3.3 oz   93 grams   4%

Hop Variety   Type   Alpha   Time   lb: oz   grams   Ratio
Fuggle   Whole   4.9 %   60 mins   0 lbs. 1.0 oz   28 grams   65.9%  ((FWH))
Fuggle   Whole   4.9 %   15 mins   0 lbs. 0.4 oz   10 grams   24.4%
Fuggle   Whole   4.9 %   0 mins   0 lbs. 0.1 oz   4 grams   9.8%
Protafloc Tablet   Pellet   0 %   0 mins   0 lbs. 0.0 oz   0 grams   0%

Final Volume:   12   Litres
Original Gravity:   1.043
Final Gravity:   1.010
Alcohol Content:   4.3%   ABV
Total Liquor:   18.5   Litres
Mash Liquor:   5.8   Litres
Mash Efficiency:   75   %
Bitterness:   33   EBU
Colour:   16   EBC
Water Treated to the ‘Bitter’ profile on the GW calc.

Mash on!
Water Treatment for Keighley Area to the ‘Bitter’ profile.
The Grains. (I Just sneaked in a little oddment of Crystal Wheat malt)
Mash temp at start.
Mash pH. (Is this a little on the low side? I think its about pH5.7, shouldn’t it be more like pH5.2????)
Hops Weighed out, Half a Protafloc Tab in with the 15minute addition.

Mash finished.
FWH in with first batch or wort warming up.
Recycling at second batch sparge, trying not to disturb the grain bed. Had some sticking issues which I think are down to the flexibility of the plastic false bottom something I need to address before the next brewday.
Mash fun! I poked it with the paddle handle which seemed to keep it going.

Boil and Cool!
Last 15 mins and the Cooler going in to Sanitize.
Cold break.
I scooped up a little from the boiler, looks pretty clear once the cold break settles.
Sanitised sieve to catch the occasional hop seed and give the wort a good aerate.
Boiler to FV setup, the long restricted (down to 8mm bore) copper pipe makes for an excellent syphon effect.
Trub left overs.
I was a few points short of my OG, seems I hit about 1036/38 ish @ 22 Deg C, Pitched Safale s-04 dry sprinkled.

I’m pretty sure my excess volume was me overestimating a little while sparging as the last was boiled with the cooler in for the full 90 mins, this time I only had a 60 min boil and put the cooler in for the last 15 mins. I think leaving the IC in for the full boil actually makes for more boil off, hence the overcompensation! :D
All in all not a bad day, started at 7.40am and finished about 2pm with just a little clearing up left to do.

**The morning after:

Good Yeast head this was getting going well last night less than 8 hours after dry pitching the yeast.

**Bottled 12/08/2009
Bottled about 15L with 70g sugar and re-pitched approx 5g of rehydrated s-04 yeast (see if I can solve my carbonation problems with the AG brews) First bottling using Starsan to sanitise. A tiny taste and it was pretty smooth.

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