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Ossett-Brewery-LogoI popped over to Ossett earlier today for a chat with head brewer Paul, I’d been tweet-chatting off and on with @PaulSpencer1973 of Ossett Brewery, for a while so asked if it would be ok to come over and have a look around. Ossett Brewery was started in 1997 and Paul has been brewing there for 13 years, their current brew-kit came from a cider brewery in Sweden and is 40BBL in size.
As well as being a brewer with a passion for beer & brewing at Ossett, Paul also oversees three other Microbreweries under the Ossett group, quite a task!

The Copper & Grist case (Malt Hopper):
Another shot of the copper:
Ossett have 3 different types of fermenting vessel, 9 in total if my memory serves:
A slightly blurry shot of the mash Tun and underback:
Three of the Fermenters made by Moeschle:
The Mash Tun was just about to be dug out from the first of todays brews:
Their cask washing area:
This is their Microdat cask filler, it can cope with 80-casks per hour, and doses both Finings Adjunct (Auxiliary Finings) and Isinglass Finings:
This is the conditioning room at Ossett, quite a line-up of vessels, these are also made by Moeschle:
The very front left of this shot is their Isinglass tank where they mix and store it:
I took a few home-brewed beers for Paul hope he enjoys them and got a few back from him:

Do check out their website and their funky little promo vid.

It was interesting to find out that our own Head Brewer/Owner ‘Tony Gartland’ at Saltaire Brewery actually did some work experience at Ossett back when he was training at BrewLab before starting his own brewery.

Its been good meeting Paul and some of the guys and thanks very much for taking the time to show me round, Cheers

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