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OK, so this isn’t just going to be my little garage brewery, we’ll be living here… in fact we are 🙂
The plan was to think ahead for what I was going to need in the garage for my hobby of All Grain Brewing…
It started like this:
And this is me, stood in the brewery 😉
Approx predicted location of 3 tier brewery:
One of the builders floating out my brewery floor:
Walls up:
More progress on the garage area,  we moved in end of March 🙂
Now I’m starting to do the plumbing (below) ready for when I build the stand for the brewing gear, we had the basics all plumbed in to the garage to start with of Hot and Cold water, Natural Gas, Lots of Electric with room for expansion and a drain outlet should I decide to use it:

Next is to build the Brewery Stand out of timber, screwing some 2″x3″ to the walls for the back support and then building up some front legs to form a good sturdy support in case I ever want to brew a bit longer length to what I do at present. I need to finish painting the walls and ceiling, and seal the floor with floor paint before I start the timber work.
The brewery, if a name is in order, will be named after my grandad’s old trade as a Cobbler, quite fitting as we are now living in his old house and still have some of his old Cobbling equipment.
The first few brews have already been done, the above Rye Stout being the first 🙂
During building work its been a busy time, I’ve gone from Engineering and building Escalators to being made redundant and on the dole for two months… and now… I’m working for a Brewery “Living the Dream” so to speak – which has much more promise than staying in Engineering these days 🙂

Not a lot has happened lately…
Just finished paining the Brewery area, the floor paint is supposed to be ‘Chocolate’ looks like a lighter shade of Black to me!:
🙂 Should have bought grey! I haven’t bothered with the recommended concrete primer, there’s only so much I’ll spend on painting a garage floor!

*Another Update!*
Altered pipework, replaced the plastic JG ball valves with metal ones, hot feed on the Quick disconnect with hose for cleaning down. Cold feed plumbed around the big grey down pipe to a ball valve to feed the IC via a JG Pushfit-to-1/2″ tail to fit a bit of silicone hose:

Finally the basic of my 3 tier (4 with the FV) brewery stand, all my malts under the stand (I’ll get the sacks into containers soon), one or two storage shelves to fix under the main stand for bits ‘n bobs. Just the HLT to calibrate and I’ll be good to brew:

The other aspect of the garage, next to build is a short bench next to the boiler for doing the prep stuff on brewdays, which should use up most of the remaining timber:

As always, its really nice to find your work in print, but this find has put together a couple of my favourite hobbies.
I’m not actually a CAMRA member but I am a Real Ale drinker and Home Brewer, couple this with my interests in photography and design. The CAMRA ‘Beer’ magazine was passed onto me by one of the guys at work and I’d already flicked through it once and missed finding this shot of Spook the dog and a pint of beer, the shot has been downloaded 24 times at iStock and a handful of times at other stock sites.

It makes it better for my photography to be displayed in the well designed magazine that ‘Beer’ is, my compliments to the designer for a clean and tactile feeling read, the use of paper stock compliments the look nicely.
Camra 'Beer Magazine Spring 2009'

Here’s the original shot of ‘Dog and a Pint’

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