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Ring of Fire IPA – if you recall sometime last year I did a brew called ‘Ring of Fire‘ which had some big orange notes to it from hopping, this is the IPA version with added Nelson Sauvin, the NS should add a good muskiness.

Pale Malt – 70%
Flaked Wheat – 13%
Munich Malt I (Weyermann) – 10%
Carapils (Weyermann) – 4%
Cara Hell (Weyermann) – 3%

NZ Pacifica – 6.1 % @ 60 mins – 40g
Pacific Jade – 15.1 % @ 60 mins – 23g
Pacific Jade – 15.1 % @ 5 mins – 30g
NZ Pacifica – 6.1 % @ 5 mins – 30g
Nelson Sauvin – 13.0 % @ 5 mins – 30g

Dry Hops:
Pacific Jade – 35g
NZ Pacifica – 35g
Nelson Sauvin – 35g

Final Volume: 23 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.055
Final Gravity: 1.013
Alcohol Content: 5.5% ABV
Mash Efficiency: 75 %
Bitterness: 78 EBU
Colour: 11 EBC
Mash: 90mins @ 67c
Yeast: Safale us-05 x2

The Malts, it was actually 11c once it had settled down:
The First Wort Hops:
Recirculating the first runnings:
Sparge number 1:
Break material after cooling, just half a Protafloc Tab:
Running off to FV, 2 packs of yeast used rather than 1 pack which would be slightly under-pitching:

Bit of a late start, my day didn’t go to plan, but the wort tasted great and the hops smelled just right 🙂

*29th Dec ’13 – Gravity at 1023.5 and tasting all woody and musky, very nice, smells ace 🙂

*2nd Jan ’14 – Tasting really good before dry hopping so I’ve decided to leave it as it is, from experience the main hop character from dry hopping would have been the Nelson Sauvin.

*Bottled 11th Jan ’14 with 129g White sugar, tasting good.

*22 Jan ’14 – Tasting good, a nice blend of all three hops with nothing over powering, maybe a touch more bitterness would be nice.

Revolutions Brewery Comp EntryRevolutions Brewery in Castleford are holding a Brewing competition, the beer has to be brewed with European hops.
I’ve just brewed my entry, fingers crossed! I know I’ll like it ‘cos I’ve brewed something like it before :)

Here’s the ambiguous recipe ;)

Lager Malt
Wheat Malt

‘Some European Hops’

Final Volume: 23 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.046
Final Gravity: 1.011
Alcohol Content: 4.5% ABV
Total Liquor: 33 Litres
Mash Liquor: 11.3 Litres
Mash Efficiency: 75 %
Bitterness: 41 EBU
Colour: 6 EBC
Yeast: Safale us-05
Mashed at 66-67c for at least an hour.
Mash efficiency was 92.5% apparently!
Boiled for 60 minutes with hop additions along the way, ‘some hops’ were steeped for 20mins ;)
No photos as I did this after an early shift at work, tired head and feeling groggy! Hydrometer says I was a couple of points low but the Refractometer says I was bang on! I’ll clean up tomorrow.

*Bottled 18th Feb ’12 with 55g White Sugar, I’m not sure this is tasting as good as it should which is probably due to me not bottling it about 10 days ago, I’m sure almost 3 weeks in the fermenter can’t be good. Bottling can be such a pain in the ass. Probably won’t be entering this unless it bucks up in the next week, which I doubt.
When this had just hit FG this was tasting lovely, should have got my finger out!!!

*Update 29th Feb ’12, I didn’t enter it… I can do better be it my process or additional bittering  that didn’t go well with the noble hop.

The actual recipe is here:

Lager Malt – 65%
Wheat Malt – 30%
Caramalt – 5%

Magnum – 14.5 % @ 60 mins – 20g (First Wort Hop)
Tettnang – 3.8 % @ 30 mins – 30g
Tettnang – 3.8 % @ 10 mins – 20g
Tettnang – 3.8 % @ 0 mins – 50g

And was based on a previous brew of Kolsch Wit which was very classic Lager-a-like flavour and didn’t last long once it was bottled 🙂

It seems beer bottle crates for Home brewing are like gold dust, rocking horse poo, and sparrows teeth! So I thought I’d draw some plans up with a view to having a go at building some. 🙂

The Shepherd Neame bottles are the biggest diameter ones I have and the Timothy Taylors bottles are the tallest so I’ve designed this crate to accommodate both, using a diameter just 1 mm of space bigger than the larger dia Shepherd Neame bottle but setting the Dividers out so that there is an 81 mm square with 6 mm MDF dividers, if you want a little more room use 4 mm MDF instead. Click here to download the PDF to print out

Click here to download the PDF to print out
*Disclaimer, I’ve not actually made these yet so please check your bottle sizes, thanks.

Click here for the 9mm MDF, 12 bottle crate

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