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A Little Hop update 🙂
From Left to right…
Fuggles cuttings still alive!
WGV cutting doing well 🙂
Replacement WGV from aplus hops 🙂 Doing well as the first one just died.

The Challenger plant is now making its way onto the strings I’ve strung across the yard.

The Fuggle is really going for it!!!!!

I got these plants Friday 8th May and planted them all in the same compost in the same way, the WGV was the only hop rhizome with leaves, the rest were simply earthy looking roots. The Challenger and the Fuggle both got going pretty quick after planting but the WGV was trying to kill its self each day looking worse for wear!
Its only the last couple of days that its pushed out a couple of fresh green leaves and it trying to live!

The Fuggle is doing pretty well, its going to need a cane soon to climb 🙂

The Challenger is a little way behind the Fuggle but has more than one shoot

All plant rhizomes came from

Coming along nicely under the light in the cellar 🙂

The first to flower is a Purple Jalapeno

And here is the YouTube video

A little chilli update, Jalapenos and Jal Purples coming along nicely in the grow room under the Envirolite, check the thermometer for the temp and humidity, under the staging is a little oil filled radiator to keep the plants warm. 🙂

Oh Yeah… note the “I can’t see where I’m putting my hand” syndrome 🙂 ha ha

Chilli Update: All 14 varieties have sprouted 🙂

Guindilla Verde being the last to show 🙂

Chillies 22.07.2007

its a shame WordPress can’t do the Slideshow from Picasa web albums!

Hmmm, well i pollenated these flowers and they seem to be wilting and dieing off (see below).


These are the ones in the Greenhouse at the moment, doing well so far 🙂


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