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Woooo!:) Well I’m excited anyway!😉

I’ve actually just figured out which variety this one is, I think its a Cayenne, from looking at the Pictures I found on Google and reading a couple of pages:
There’s some Interesting information on these two sites, and not fogetting

This is whats Purple and hairy, hairy leaves and a Purple bud / flower:)

And here’s the Hot bit, my first ever Chilli pepper:)

Cool or what!😀😀

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  • @PhilLowry You need to be breathing more Caustic and Peracetic vapour to kill the bugs! (Don't try this at Home Kids, its a Joke) 3 hours ago
  • @PhilLowry I'll do it after I've done the gravities and Dry hopping. I always get up when I'm ill I hate being in bed, makes me feel worse. 4 hours ago
  • @PhilLowry I'm up, what do you need doing? I can do anything so long as its from here :-p 4 hours ago
  • @RealBobMortimer .... just loose the Bell, how would you like a jangly dingly tinkly thing round your neck ;-) 4 hours ago
  • @RealBobMortimer Looks like a bit of a star to chill like that :) 4 hours ago
  • Tired shoulders after weights yesterday :) #Gym I'm getting fitter on the treadmill too. I need to keep this up for the next 40 years ;-) 4 hours ago
  • Impact Driver or Cordless Screedriver? The current Cordless drill/driver is great but Batteries knackered, can't get replacements. 20 hours ago
  • Having too lazy cats sat with me isn't making me go lift the weights I should be lifting! 1 day ago
  • @Hoplord Bugger, I mostly feel better stood up! 4 days ago
  • @Hoplord that thing I said about getting to 120kg bit by bit, managed 2 sets of 3 reps 129kg tonight after some higher rep lower sets. 4 days ago

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