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My Stock Pot to Copper Conversion.

The Starting point was this, a Huge 38 Litre Aluminium Stock Pot:
The Huge 38 Litre Aluminium Stock Pot
I had this welded up at work, made from a 1/2″ BSP Stainless Steel barrel nipple from BES and a 3mm thick M22 Stainless washer from Stig’s Stainless Steel Fasteners:
Home made Tank connector
The 1/2″ BSP Female-Female Ball Valve came from BES and 1/2″ BSP-Compression Elbow was from B&Q, there is a brass 1/2″ BSP Female-15mm Compression fitting with another M22 washer on the inside of the stockpot holding the Tank connector in place:
Mounted Ball Valve tap
My Home made Hop Strainer (Hop Stopper), can drain down with a bit of a Pan tilt to 1 litre of dead space (*To be improved):
Hop Stopper
Outflow from the boiler via a piece of 15mm copper pipe (*slight redesign in order):
Plan view of a re-design idea (*which I won’t need to use)
Redesign idea

* <<< Stuff marked with a star / asterisk:
The first drain down of the pot left about 1 Litre of liquid and I had to tilt the pan to get it to drain that far. I did some reading up at and started looking into the ‘Syphon Effect’ and decided to stick some electrical tape over the top two thirds of the strainer (the bottom third of the holes are left open) holes and also reduced the internal diameter of the outflow pipe with a bit of PVC tube stuffed in the end. I did the same drain down test and found that it not only drained down faster but also only left 75ml of liquid in a level pan, no tilting necessary!
Now I just need to get a 15mm-10mm copper reducing fitting for the outflow pipe and solder up the top two thirds of the holes in the hop strainer. I’ll also drill some more holes in the remaining bottom third to as to keep a good open area.

Can’t wait for the next brew day now 🙂 I can’t help but think that I could half cool the wort via the outflow pipe now too if I just did a bit more coper pipe bodging and turned it into a counter-flow chiller!

My modified hop Strainer section, holes just in the bottom third of the tube, makes use of the syphon Effect:
Modified hop Strainer

I’ve been playing with my Theremin a bit lately and after having conversation on the subject with the guys at work an idea has emerged for a sound / music project that the general public would participate in with or without their knowing.
This idea consists of using a Theremin on a large scale, the Pitch Antenna would be a Bus Stop though the Volume would fixed.
As people started walking past the bus stop and que’d for the bus the pitch would change, the bus might pull up and really effect the magnetic field of the Theremin Bus Stop! All these changes would be played in real time to the area with the Theremin, so its a mixture of Musical experiment to create random sound scape’s and Art installation.

I’m writing this down just so I get it out there, I think its an interesting idea for free form sound generation which would be interactive with anyone near by. If anyone actually does this I’d be very interested.
Public sculptures would be another good source for an Antenna making more than a Physical presence for the artwork and giving each member of the viewing audience a roll in creating and interacting with its new Aural field.

I have no idea of the logistics or actual physics and electronics of this project, whether a certain size of antenna would need a certain amount of power to drive it?? Would my little Theremin Kit be capable of driving an old red British phone box?! 🙂

Who knows! Do you? I’d like to hear….

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