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My first ‘On Demand’ sale at shutterstock looks promising at $2.48 for 1 sale, much better than the original subscription payout level I’m on of $0.33 per sale 🙂 Lets hope for more of these 🙂
Shutterstock could claw back some potential buyers that might have been defecting to istockphoto with this, and its going to keep the photographers happy too. 🙂

Coffee cup stains, a range of cups and other round things were used to print these stain marks with pigmented black ink, scanned at high res.

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I’ve been playing with colour swatches for a while off and on, but recently I’ve been comparing Adobe’s Kuler and the ColourLOVERS site.

Kuler is a pretty cool interface and seems to pick the better colours from an uploaded image first crack.

ColourLOVERS is a fun little site with some cool features that let you save your swatches in different formats for use in different software, a feature that Adobe’s Kuler lacks.

Either way both of these sites are very nice for getting some fresh and interesting colour pallets for your design work. Maybe I’ll upload some swatches here… Kuler Swatches .zip (you must rename the file extension to .zip from .doc)

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