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Something a little different today and almost all made up with a little reference to a recipe I found online, could taste pants, but hopefully it will be a hot ‘n spicy 4.4%-ish Ginger Ale.

The Ingredients & recipe go something like this:

  • Approx 21-23 Litres of hot liquor from the HLT
  • 1.4Kg Ginger root, finely sliced
  • 6 Lemons, finely sliced
  • 1 Lime, finely sliced
  • 1.5Kg Caramalt, steeped in Mash Tun then all hot liquor Sparged through it
  • 1.25Kg White Sugar
  • 250g Soft Dark Brown Sugar
  • 150g Demerara Sugar
  • 40g Ground Ginger followed by 4 Heaped Tsp of the same
  • 1/2 Tsp very hot Indian Chilli powder
  • 3/4-1 Tsp Cream of Tartar
  • Yeast Safale s-04

Put all the ingredients in a very large pan, bring to the boil and simmer for 20-30mins, followed by chilling down with the Immersion Cooler and running off to the FV.
I tweaked the OG to 1038 (the ingredient sugars reflect this) and also the extra Teaspoons of Ground Ginger & Chilli Powder were added near the end to adjust the spice / heat level. If the yeast ferments down to dryness it will be a 5.4% Ginger Ale 🙂

Most of the Ingredients:
Caramalt which I steeped then sparged thru to get my liquid volume in the large pan:
Lemons & Limes all sliced up:
All the Ginger chopped up:
The Steeping Caramalt:
Fruit Salad anyone?:

Quite an easy couple of hours this morning, time will tell what it turns out like 🙂

*Bottled 22nd Oct ’11 with 80g Demarara Sugar, fermented right down to 1000! so its dry, tastes a bit pants so I hope some carbonation lifts it, Needs sweetness!!!!

MIUAYGA Soup Recipe:

2 – Sweet Potatoes
2 – Carrots
1 – Medium Potato
2 – Medium Leaks
2 – Vegetable stock cubes
1.5 Pints – Water
1 – Tsp Cumin
1 – Tsp Garam Massala
0.5 – Tsp Paprika
0.5 – Tsp Turmeric
0.25 – Tsp Chilli Flakes
Sprigs of fresh tyme
1 – Clove of Garlic
2 – Tbsp Olive oil
Salt & Pepper to taste

Chop everything into small cubes, saute the leaks in Olive oil untill soft, Mix the stock cubes with boiling water and tip it in the pan, throw everything else in, bring to the boil and simmer for 20-30 minutes untill everything is mushy. Allow to cool and whizz up with a blender, re-heat and serve.

Basically this soup is made from things that were in our veg rack with a few herbs and spices 🙂
Makes 1 pan full of orange mush 😉 Tastes nice.

Coming along nicely under the light in the cellar 🙂

The first to flower is a Purple Jalapeno

And here is the YouTube video

A little chilli update, Jalapenos and Jal Purples coming along nicely in the grow room under the Envirolite, check the thermometer for the temp and humidity, under the staging is a little oil filled radiator to keep the plants warm. 🙂

Oh Yeah… note the “I can’t see where I’m putting my hand” syndrome 🙂 ha ha

I recently got an Envirolite via Ebay so I could give my Chillies a bit of light that the British climate has lacked in 2007, so 2008 is going to be a bright year for chilli growing.

First off I had to shift a large pile of wood from a corner in the cellar and generally make it annoying having to walk around piles of stuff.
Then I hacked out an old shelf and re-plastered the walls where the shelf had been in-set, then back to the pile of wood i moved and really roughly started constructing a partition wall and ceiling framework.

Using some pretty dubious wooden paneling that was ripped out of the house because of previous numpty owners building stupid things from wooden panels! (Oh, the cat helped by climbing the ladder too) 🙂

Now comes the Envirolite and the wooden staging, I’ll be painting the inner wooden wall white tomorrow.

I’ve left an air gap at the top of the side wall and the staging has got 1″ gaps in it with enough room underneath it if I should need to put an electric heater in there for more warmth. A piece of White Banner (print media from work) Vinyl is to be used as a curtain to close the side opening and to reflect back all that lovely light, I’ll probably just staple this into place. I’ve made all this and only spent money on the Envirolite and the Timer-Plug 🙂
Here’s the Video of the complete thing with our bunch of scraggy looking over-wintered plants…

Just a quick note, that the Santa Fe Grande seeds have taken 5 days until the first sign of sprouting 🙂

This evening we got our 14 varieties of chilli into the propagator…

We’ve used the Growing list to log our new sown seeds.
The list goes as follows:

Species: Annuum
Origin: French Guyana
Heat: Unknown

Species: Annuum
Origin: Unknown
Heat: Unknown

Species: Chinense
Origin: Unknown
Heat: Extremely Hot

Species: Annuum
Origin: Vietnam
Heat: Medium

Species: Chinense
Origin: Unknown
Heat: Medium

Species: Annuum
Origin: Mexico
Heat: Medium

Species: Annuum
Origin: Mexico
Heat: Medium

Species: Baccatum
Origin: Peru
Heat: Hot

Species: Annuum
Origin: Spain
Heat: Sweet

Species: Annuum
Origin: Unknown
Heat: Medium

Species: Pubescens
Origin: Peru
Heat: Extremeley Hot

Species: Annuum
Origin: USA
Heat: Medium

Species: Chinense
Origin: Unknown
Heat: Very Hot

Species: Annuum
Origin: Unknown
Heat: hot

*thanks to thechileman site for the listings 🙂

Chillies 22.07.2007

its a shame WordPress can’t do the Slideshow from Picasa web albums!

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