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This is kinda personal and if you know me it might make you worry. Soz for that. I’m generally very healthy, relatively fit and always have a normal Blood pressure.

I’m writing this because I feel like the doctors don’t have a clue (Actual words from the doctor when I asked “So you don’t know then?” and got the answer “No”, she went to ask a friend. The usual questions, No I’m not having a stroke! Is anything stressing you out? Yes, its the fucking pain in my head, that’s whats stressing me out! I Joked about boring a hole in my head to let the Demons out, she didn’t really get the joke! Though if it helps, get the hole saw out!
I currently feel like I’m waiting for a referral *I am waiting for a referral* but I don’t know when it will come, and all the time think it would be better / quicker just to scan my head ‘cos if there is a Drumming Monkey or Alien inside, maybe a snorted an Apple pip as a child and there is a Tree inside, then I’d rather know about it.

In 2019 I had a good 3 months of Headaches, the only thing that shifted it was having a massively snotty cold and blowing loads of thick crap out of my left sinus…. no more headaches after that until approx a year later in 2020. In the meantime had a head scan to check out why I was having LH side Tinnitus, this didn’t find anything. The Pandemic situation in 2020 hasn’t allowed me to have a cold that may / or may not shift on these headaches.

Current status:
Have now had headaches for over 9 months, always the LH side, it can feel like a festering scab in the front of my sinus area in forehead, it can feel like a cold / scalded area from front to side of head, it can be a shooting pain around side of head, it can be almost like earache, it can be a pain in the back of my Skull where neck ends and skull begins, always LH side. Makes me want to jab my fingers into the back of my skull or the shooting pain can make me puff and blow like I’ve just burnt my hand, like that sharp intake of breath you make…. but the burn is in my head!

Multiple conversations with Doctors, at least 2 courses of Antibiotics the first of which seemed to clear up some of it and I got down from taking the max doses of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen (alternated through the day so i can load up on the max amounts).
Had a couple of different blood tests, nothing found (That includes a test for Arterial Arthritis in my head).
Kept a pain Diary for 2 weeks after 3rd or 4th conversation with doctor, currently waiting for a referral to a neurologist, whenever that might be!
I have been experimenting with pain killers as I don’t like taking pills, and I can get by with 1 dose of pain killers a day most of the time.

Things that I think can effect the pain, level of pain, etc?:
My state of Hunger
Waking up (Its only woke me up in the night once)
Ambient air temperature
Bright light / the brighter light coming from the LH side
Dust / Vapor (I have to be careful to wear dust masks if doing something dusty as my sinuses get effected and I’ll cough and be snotty for a few days)
Sometimes I feel I can control it by actively concentrating on relaxing every muscle in my head (makes me look like a right dumbass and its mega hard to do while driving!)

Headaches can happen in any and all scenarios, sat relaxing, working, driving, doing manual work.

Headaches don’t normally effect me going to sleep but waking up they begin to creep in as I start to wake up, though without pain killers the headache can dissipate and I can get through almost an entire day without taking anything.

Making music or being fully occupied with something is a good distraction from the Tinnitus, whether its connected to the Headaches, who knows, again this does not stop me sleeping.

Answers on a postcard please, comments on here are open, shares on social media appreciated, know a Doctor please pass this on, Know a Neurologist show them this.


Bored of this pain.

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