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Black Isle Brewery, Organic beer from earth to pint

Posted on: November 21, 2012

We had a week in Inverness a few weeks back and I’ve only just got the photos off the camera a bit back.
Cracking beers πŸ™‚Β  They are a fully Organic brewery and use a biomass fed boiler to heat their HLT, boiling with a 30BBL Gas-fired copper, they have both regular FV’s and DPV’s (Dual Purpose Vessels) do check them out, they do tours and Cask, keg, bottle all their own beer

The Front of the brewery with the shop:
Some of the vessels:
The Thistle Wagon!
Mash Tun with grist delivery pipe coming in at the top, they grow there own organic Barley and it gets malted just down the road at Bairds in Inverness, how’s that for Freshness and control over process:
Bottling machine with Keg/Bottle carbonater in front left:
Filter on the LH and FV’s on the RH:
Gas-Fired Copper boiler with the flue going thru the roof:

I dare say we’ll be back, Inverness and the surrounding landscape was rather appealing πŸ™‚
Just a couple of weeks after these photos were taken they had some new fermenters delivered so look out for some even more interesting beers from Black Isle….

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