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Fuggle & Challenger Homegrown Hops 2012

Posted on: September 8, 2012

My Challenger & Fuggles plants were starting to get some brown bits on some of the hops so I diecded to pick them the other day, I plan to do a Gree-hopped beer so I  vac-packed and froze them.

Some of the brown bits:
The red-tinge on the tops of the cones is not the brown you see above but the colouring of the Challenger hops:
Hops picked, me and the wife picked thru these again to remove any twigs and leaves:
All packed up and ready for the freezer:
I got 1.1kg of a mixture of Fuggles & Challenger, all the bines were entangled so I just picked the lot, so I’ll brew an English Homegrown green-hop bitter in a few weeks time.

I’ve still got a WGV plant to pick but I’m not too fussed about what WGV brings to a beer!

3 Responses to "Fuggle & Challenger Homegrown Hops 2012"

wondering if and where i can squeeze some hop plants in the garden!! yours look great!!

Put them somewhere the wind won’t batter them about too much, I need a bit of a re-think how I’m growing mine, I may build some Hedgerow type supports rather than the high-wire they are on now.

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