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AG#84 – Liquorice Stout

Posted on: July 8, 2012

Liquorice Stout – My last Liquorice Stout brewday is here. That last beer poured with an amazingly thick creamy head so I hope this new brew will have a similar effect from the Liquorice.
I’m going for hops in at the start of boil and after 30 minutes with no late hops at all, the idea is I want to keep the malts and the Liquorice up front without much influence from hop flavour, and its 6% so a fairly hefty mouth full 🙂

Pale Malt – 78%
Flaked Oats – 6%
Caramalt – 5%
Chocolate Malt – 4%
Roasted Barley – 4%
Amber Malt – 3%

Willamette – 6.4 % @ 65 mins – 29g
Willamette – 6.4 % @ 35 mins – 29g

Liquorice Root Powder – 15g

Final Volume: 15 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.064
Final Gravity: 1.018
Alcohol Content: 6% ABV
Total Liquor: 22 Litres
Mash Liquor: 10.7 Litres
Mash Efficiency: 75 %
Bitterness: 52 EBU
Colour: 211 EBC
Yeast: Safale us-05
Mash: 75mins @ 66°c
Boil: 65mins ‘cos I almost forgot to put the Liquorice & Protafloc in!

The malts:
A tiny amount of Chalk added to the mash, other liquor treatment was in the copper and to the Stout setting on THBF Calculator:
Some Willamette hops:
I sneaked in Dry Hopping the NZ pale with almost 100g of Blended-up hops:
Start of boil hops:
Weighing out the Liquorice Powder:
I liquored back to 1064 in the FV though I was about 2 litres short of target volume, I’m pretty sure I know why as I altered the Wort-losses setting in BeerEngine, but no real problem.
Thats it for the photos, I blogged about the Leeds Homebrewers Ilkley Brewery visit yesterday instead.

The Wort was tasting pretty weird, hopefully this is going to settle down through fermentation and in the bottle as I’m hoping this will be one of my NHBCUK entries in September.

*12th jul ’12 – Gravity @ 1019 tastes quite sweet and thick, hope it dries out a little, a fair amount of liquorice flavour.

*Bottled 31st Jul ’12 – with 40g of White Sugar, FG was 1013.5 some comes in at a very healthy 6.6% ABV and doesn’t taste like its so strong 🙂 Bags of Liquorice flavour with a thick solid malty base.


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[…] forward with these bigger hoppy beers so as to save on the wort-loss that you get with whole hops. AG #84 – Liquorice Stout I shall brew a similar beer without the Liquorice as I believe the base beer to be a very solid […]

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