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Truefitt Brewing

Posted on: July 4, 2012

Last week, while we were on holiday for our wedding anniversary, we visited a brewery… we went up to Middlesbrough from Whitby to meet Matthew at his new brewery ‘Truefitt Brewing’. He has fairly recently set-up in an industrial unit with a 4 BBL Dave Porter brew plant that was bought from Cleveland Brewery, he’s also commissioned a couple of new square Fermentation vessels from a fabricator that lists on eBay sometimes.

The current regular Truefitt beers are:

Mydilsburgh IPA 5.0 uses Cara, Munich, Torrified Wheat, hopped with Columbus, Cluster and Cascade and dry hopped with Cluster and Cascade.Ironopolis stout 4.7 classic roast grains in there all hops added last 30 min, Columbus, Magnum, and WillametteErimus pale is 3.9 hopped with Cascade, Saaz, Riwaka and dry hopped with RiwakaNorth riding bitter 4.0 traditional style bitter using Magnum and first gold and dry hopped with Styrian Goldings

And a seasonal beer, Ayresome angel 4.2 a Summer ale. Flaked maize, pale malt, hopped with Willamette and EKG.

I’m liking the pump-clip designs, they really stand out thanks to the individual shape, so far I’ve only managed to try Ironopolis Stout in the Maltings in York, its a solid full-bodied stout and very drinkable.

Now for some photos of the brewery:

I have my lovely wife Emma to thank for taking the photos 🙂

It was really good to see Matt again, the first time was while he was brewing at Captain Cook Brewery, top bloke who knows way more than me, and brews some fine beers.
You can contact Matthew via his website or check out whats tweeting @TruefittBeers Have a pint if you see it 🙂

4 Responses to "Truefitt Brewing"

Nice one, big fan of Matt’s beers, he’s a nice guy too despite his love of cheesy TV..

Glad you like the pumpclips that was our handy work it’s nice seeing them out and about in pubs.

Yeah, I figured out it was your work, then the PDF Matt sent me confirmed it 😉

Wow. I absolutely love the branding… now I just need to try the beers!

[…] June during our wedding anniversary week in Whitby that me and Emma paid Matt a visit in his new Brewery, less than a year later Matt was coming up to his 100th brewed Gyle and had plans for brewing that […]

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