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AG#82 – Hop Sap IPA

Posted on: June 17, 2012

Hop Sap IPA – I was planning to do a Liquorice stout but thought stuff it I want some in-yer-face hops, I’ll dry hop this in the FV for about a week.

Lager Malt – 82%
Cara Belge (Weyermann) – 8.7%
Wheat Malt – 4.8%
Flaked Barley – 3.5%
Amber Malt – 1%

Willamette – 6.4 % @ 60 mins – 63g
Magnum – 14.5 % @ 30 mins – 27g
Chinook – 12.5 % @ 0 mins – 30g (80c steep for 20-30mins)
Citra – 13.8 % @ 0 mins – 30g (80c steep for 20-30mins)
NZ Cascade – 10.2 % @ 0 mins – 30g (80c steep for 20-30mins)

Dry Hops:
Magnum – 5g
Chinook – 50g
Citra – 28g
NZ Cascade – 35g
Columbus – 20g
Simcoe – 60g

Final Volume: 23 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.054
Final Gravity: 1.013
Alcohol Content: 5.3% ABV
Total Liquor: 33.9 Litres
Mash Liquor: 13.4 Litres
Mash Efficiency: 75 % (actually hit 85.5%)
Bitterness: 70 EBU
Colour: 12 EBC
Yeast: Safale US-05
Copper Finings: 1/2 Protafloc Tablet

Bucket of malts, 5.584kg:
Mash on at 66c:
Gypsum, Epsom, Salt, I used THBF Liquor Treatment calculator for Pale Ale:
Hops for the copper, I’ll probably dry hop too:
Fairly tidy view of my brew area:
My Brewday Record Sheet:
In go the start of boil Willamette hops:
I made a thing while i was in the garage, the thinking was for somewhere to put all my brewing books in the garage, It looked a lot better than this in my head!:
Almost finished running off from the copper to the FV, I was using the Immersion Cooler today:

I forgot to that a hydro shot, though in any case I hit the nail on the head… if I hadn’t started trying to be creative with wood it would have been a easy day! 😀

*21st Jun ’12 – Dry hopped today at 20°c with about 200g of Blitzed up hops, the food processor didn’t like it! I’ll drop the temp tomorrow once I’ve double checked the gravity is steady at 1013.

*30th Jun ’12 – chilling to 4c for a couple of days before bottling to drop some hop debris out. Tastes bloody good, just what I was after 🙂

*Bottled 3rd Jul ’12 with 78g white sugar, tastes pretty good bit sharper with stirring up the hops which retained about 3-4 litres of perfectly good beer!! I’ll make sure I blitz them for longer in the food processor next time so hopefully they will settle out to a thinner layer of mush rather than loads of still whole hops!

*7th Jul ’12 – Early taster, while out with the Leeds Homebrewers at Ilkley Brewery, Bloody fantastic 🙂 very pleased just need a little more time to carbonate up properly 🙂

*15th Jul ’12 – Tastes blooming good 🙂

9 Responses to "AG#82 – Hop Sap IPA"

The hop aroma wafted all the way to my house! looks tasty.
P.s. thanks for the brewday sheet linky….you obviously read my mind (i.e. after you saw that I’d favourited your tweet). Yes yes I’m a copy cat.

what was your pre boil volume? That is a massive amount of hops and your total liquor seems way lower than I would need for that amount. I’m wondering how much of a difference that down pipe makes to the syphon effect

I got 29.5L, I didn’t check the volume in the FV as I got the planned 1054, for most beers I have 3L of Losses to Hops and Trub set in the software. If the boiler is just full of water it drains down with the syphon effect to about a Cup/Mug-full of liquid.

I’ll probably make a version 2 record sheet at some point now that I know how I use the current one and how i end up writing in the wrong boxes 😉

I tried putting a pipe on my boiler and it made a big difference. It wasn’t a hop sap beer, it actually only had 40g of whole leaf hops, but the flow was much faster and consistent to the end. It appeared like there was a lot less wort left in the boiler. I calculate I lost 3L instead of the usual 4L.

I like “the thing” you made in your garage. It looks… thingy.

well its still attached to the wall and holding books so it can’t be that bad, just looks a bit duff!

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