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The Captain Cook Brewery

Posted on: June 25, 2011

The Captain Cook Brewery
(I really should have bought a set of those lovely stemmed 1/2 pint glasses)
During our week off, and First wedding anniversary, we had a drive up from Whitby to Stokesley to put a face to the name and check out the Brewery & Pubs. The White Swan is a lovely little pub with a good range of Real Ales on handpull both their own and guests, Matt took us through the pub and out back to the Captain Cook Brewery, pretty rustic and compact is the first impression. Matt explains that they have just had a new bigger Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) installed and the copper boiler has been extended to provide more capacity, the first of their new wooden-clad fermenters has been installed with more on the way to replace the old Grundy / Cellar tanks which are currently used, the Mash Tun is also due an upgrade.

We tried a couple of the beers, Matt’s classic Dry stout ‘Skooner Grenville‘ which has all the roastiness from Roasted Barley and a good dry bittering, also his Pacific Gem / Pacifica Hopped pale ale ‘Resolution‘ which is lovely and left me wanting to do some homebrew with the same hopping as it really works well for the Hophead in me with its chalky mouth enveloping bitterness 🙂

The White Swan’s sister pub is The Dog & Gun in Potto, we were recommended to go and try the food here… and we did, 4 Handpulls with two Captain Cook & two guest ales, a really nice well thought out restaurant with fantastic food, very much worth the drive over from Stokesley. –

Brewer Matt and myself, just explaining which homebrew I was leaving him:
The Captain Cook Brewery
Brewers Office:
The Captain Cook Brewery
Old fermenters on the left, shortly to be replaced with new square wood-clad ones as seen on the right:
The Captain Cook Brewery
Copper with new size extension from the weld above the sight glass:
The Captain Cook Brewery
Old sign:
The Captain Cook Brewery

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