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AG#53 – Kölsch Wit

Posted on: April 24, 2011

Kolsch Wit – Almost the malt bill of a Belgian Wit combined with Tettnang Hops and the Whitelabs Kölsch yeast. Should be very light, maybe cloudy, clean & Lager-esque.

Lager Malt – 55%
Flaked Wheat- 30%
Flaked Rye – 10%
Munich Malt- 5%

Tettnang – 4.2 % @ 60 mins – 50g (FWH)
Tettnang – 4.2 % @ 10 mins – 20g
Tettnang – 4.2 % @ 0 mins – 30g (20min Steep with the sting just knocked out of the boil with the IC)

Final Volume: 23 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.040
Final Gravity: 1.009
Alcohol Content: 4% ABV
Total Liquor: 32.9 Litres
Mash Liquor: 11.4 Litres
Mash Efficiency: 70 % (Reduced from my usual 80% due to having a lot of Flaked Adjuncts)
Bitterness: 26 EBU
Colour: 3 EBC

Whtelabs Kölsch yeast starter:
Scoop of Lager malt:
Flaked Wheat:
Flaked Rye:
Malt Temp:
The usual FWH and first batch spargings:
I cooled to 16c before running to FV and pitching the yeast:
A little above my target of 1040:
The refractometer read 10.5 Brix (OG: 1040)
I Mashed for 2h 15mins and got 72% Mash efficiency, I pitched the Kölsch yeast while running to the fermenter at 16c, I shall be doing my best to keep the temperature under control in the garage. It might be time for some wet towels!

*Bottled 4th May ’11 with 70g White Sugar, tasting good, yeast practically dropped bright in the FV.

*9th May: Yet another very early taster, Very very lager-esque, bottles clear as a bell & even the bit of yeast that got in the glass was clumping, hopefully the carbonation will build a little more over the next week.
If brewed again I’d be a little more liberal with the priming sugars.

6 Responses to "AG#53 – Kölsch Wit"

Hard to say whether it’ll be cloudy or clear – sometimes you end up with a crystal clear beer when you use that much wheat, I think down to there being much less tannin in wheat as it is huskless.

Either way it’ll be one tasty pint, and probably extremely pale. I would expect the hops to really stand out with that yeast too. Definitely something for summer.

Fingers crossed, I brought the FV into the warm, now to let it finish off fermenting so its currently at 20c in the utility room rather than about 18c that was the garage.

Nice job – the hops will definitely get thrown forwards and you will definitely know what Tettnang are like! As for clarity – I’m gonna guess cloudy (or a slight haze) – if not from the wheat, it might be from the yeast if you’re not *very* careful with fining/racking/pouring as it’s particularly powdery yeast.

Yeast has dropped out well in the FV, I’ll see better in a few days when the bottles have settled.

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