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Bottling your Homebrew

Posted on: January 12, 2011

Bottling – this is my bottling procedure, I use StarSan to sanitise mostly and fully bleach my bottles every few brews, I’ve based this on a 23Litre (5 British Gallons) batch of beer for the priming sugar.

  • Clean and Sanitise all your bottles (plus 1 plastic coke-type bottle).
  • Give your Bottling bucket a good clean and sanitise along with the Tap from both sides.
  • Sanitise a length of tube that connects to your Fermenter tap (Remember to give your Fermenter Tap a good sanitise externally) also Sanitise your Bottling stick.
  • Sanitise a Jug and a Teaspoon, add about 65g of sugar to 100ml of boiled water which you just boiled in the microwave, dissolve the sugar stirring with the teaspoon, re-heat to boiling in the microwave and set to one side until you are ready to transfer your beer to the bottling bucket.
  • With your Fermenter on the worktop, attach your sanitised plastic tube to your sanitised fermenter-Tap, the other end of the tube wants to reach the bottom of your Bottling bucket on the floor.
  • Tip your dissolved sugar into your bottling bucket.
  • Open the fermenter tap and let the beer run out, try and whirlpool the beer so that the sugar gets well mixed with the beer without any splashing or making bubbles (we need to keep oxygen out of the beer as much as possible).
  • You might have to tip your fermenter slightly to get the last bit out, if you get a little yeast pulled through don’t worry about it.
  • Turn off your fermenter tap and pull the tube off it, with the tube still in the beer, give it a gentle swirl to ensure the priming sugars are well mixed.
  • Now put your Bottling bucket on the worktop and attach your bottling stick.
  • Pull up a chair, a beer, your sanitised bottles, and throw an old towel or something on the floor to catch spills.
  • Fill your bottles until the brim, when you pull the stick out they are left with just the right amount of empty space.
  • Cap Bottles, Wives are handy about now and a little production line gets the job done in a few mins, mark up your bottles so you know what is in them.
  • Store your somewhere warm for 1-2 weeks to condition (*Top Tip* You can give your plastic Coke bottle a squeeze from time to time to check on the carbonation process).
  • Store your conditioned beer cool for the rest of its maturation.

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