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AG#33 – H.O.P.P.Y

Posted on: July 31, 2010


Wheat Malt – 1730g – 50%
Lager Malt – 1380g – 40%
Munich Malt – 170g – 5%
Crystal Malt, Extra Dark – 87g – 2.5%
Crystal Malt – 87g – 2.5%

Columbus (Tomahawk) @ 60 mins 10g
Columbus (Tomahawk) @ 15 mins 20g
Simcoe @ 15 mins 20g
Ahtanum @ 0 mins 26g (80c Steep for 25mins)
Ahtanum @ 0 mins 13g (Dry Hop)

Final Volume: 15 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.052
Final Gravity: 1.012
Alcohol Content: 5.2% ABV
Total Liquor: 23 Litres
Mash Liquor: 8.7 Litres
Mash Efficiency: 75 %
Bitterness: 68 EBU
Colour: 29 EBC

Yeast is Safale US-05
I’ve not used any of these hops before, fingers crossed 😉

The malts & Water treatment:
A first for me, Re-circulating the Sparge which resulted in some really clear wort in the copper and I hit a Mash efficiency of 89%, mashed for about 75mins:
Hops Columbus & Simcoe, smelling quite pine-like:
Hops Columbus & Simcoe going in @ 15mins:
Cold Break:
Should have been 1052, I got 1048 for some reason my Mash was a bit thin I think I gained a litre or so extra somewhere:
The wort colour:

*Bottled 10th Aug ’10 with 70g of white sugar.

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