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AG#17 – Over-run by Yanks

Posted on: January 1, 2010

This should be a good whack in the mouth to the Bitterness receptors 😉

Over-run by Yanks

Golden Promise – 2350g
Wheat Malt – 260g
Caramalt – 100g

Pacific Gem @ 60 mins 5g (FWH)
Nelson Sauvin @ 15 mins 21g
Cascade @ 15 mins 16g
Centennial @ 15 mins 16g
Nelson Sauvin @ 0 mins 21g (80c Steep for 30 mins)
Cascade @ 0 mins 10g (80c Steep for 30 mins)
Centennial @ 0 mins 10g (80c Steep for 30 mins)

Final Volume: 12 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.051
Final Gravity: 1.012
Alcohol Content: 5% ABV
Total Liquor: 18.9 Litres
Mash Liquor: 6.8 Litres
Mash Efficiency: 75 %
Bitterness: 66 EBU
Colour: 9 EBC

The Grain bill and the temp:
66.6c Start of Mash:
A blooming shed load of 15min and Steep Hops:
A totally poxy amount of bittering hops:
66.4c end of mash temp:
Dirty puddle water with the FWHs:
Frothy scummy boil:
The 15min hops, a mix of Cascade, Nelson Sauvin & Centennial here:
The 80c steep hops stirred in and left for 30mins:

Nottingham Yeast dry sprinkled, I wasn’t as nice to my yeast today but its pretty well over pitched so should be OK
The wort was bright and straw coloured and has a good bitterness already 🙂  and my OG was 1047 rather than the planned 1051 which was probably due to me over-estimating the amount of wort the hops would hold, I usually go for 3L for losses to Hops & Trub but I went for 4L today.
Mash and batch Sparge both went well though I think my extra litre didn’t help my efficiency which was down to just over 70%, my liquor was treated to the GW Calc Dry Pale Ale profile so I didn’t do my semi-usual 5g Gypsum in with the grist.

*Bottled 6th Jan ’10 with 55g of DSM

7 Responses to "AG#17 – Over-run by Yanks"

Looks like a nice New Year APA. Losing wort is a bugger in using lots of hops – but I doubt there’d be much difference in the finished product 🙂

Looks like it’ll be a great beer! Believe it or not, we’ve just brewed a 3.8% with Pacific Gem and Sauvin!! Love Pacific Gem!


By the way, happy you liked Pioneer. We use a bit of Pioneer in the first addition, then Bramling Cross for the second addition and at boil out. We aim for around 40 IBU.

Malt wise it’s 73% Maris Otter, 23% Vienna, 2.9% Crystal and 1.1% Amber.

Let me know if you need more detail,

Cheers and beers,


It is, and was a cracker 😉 I’ll have to try an all Pacific Gem brew to see what the hop does.
Stout next, I’ve done a few pales lately 🙂

That is most appreciated 🙂 Plenty detailed enough for me to have a play around.

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