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AG#16 – Once were Warriors

Posted on: December 12, 2009

Pale and Hoppy could be an NPA (New-Zealand Pale Ale)… and a nice NZ film reference for the name :)
After tasting my other recent Nelson Sauvin hopped beer I see there is a good rounded mouth filling full hoppiness to the hops so I’m more than doubling the amount that I put in my last brew and going for a 80c steep for the lates.

Next weekend I may do a mad mix of Nelson+Cascade+Centennial with an almost identical grain bill.

Once Were Warriors

Golden Promise 2240g – 86%
Wheat Malt 260g – 10%
Crystal Malt 100g – 4%

Pacific Gem @ 60 mins – 8g (FWH)
Nelson Sauvin @ 15 mins – 26g
Nelson Sauvin @ 0 mins – 26g (Going to let it cool a bit then do a 20 minute steep)
*maybe Dry hop, but probably not, will see…*

Final Volume: 12 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.049
Final Gravity: 1.012
Alcohol Content: 4.8% ABV
Total Liquor: 18.8 Litres
Mash Liquor: 6.5 Litres
Mash Efficiency: 75 %
Bitterness: 51 EBU
Colour: 15 EBC

Maybe a bit of Burtonisation to the liquor, if I can be arsed, if not just a good helping of Gypsum to the Mash & Boil :)

The Pics…
The grain bill, Golden Promise pale malt, Standard Crystal malt, Wheat malt, 10g of Gypsum 5g of Epsom salt added to my liquor:
Doughing in:
Aiming for 67c so not far off:
pH looks spot on:
Nelson Sauvin and Pacific Gem hops weighed out with half a Protafloc tab crushed to the right, if this was a full 23L brew it would have taken a full packet of hops but as I am just doing a 12L I managed to just have enough Nelsons in a part bag from the other week :):
End of 90 minute Mash:
Sparge water running into Tun for first batch:
Collected wort 1022/24 ish @ 55.5c and 17.5 litres collected in boiler makes for up-to 82% Mash efficiency:
Just coming to the boil:
Nottingham yeast to rehydrate:
Big ugly cold break!!:
Hit the OG right on the nail:

Did a 20 min steep @ 80c for those last hops, lovely clear wort running off the boiler which tasted pretty good though not as bitter as hoped.
Pitched rehydrated Notts yeast at about 23c, I’ll expect activity before long 🙂

***Update*** Bottled 22nd Dec ’09 with 50g DSM, the bitterness has come through now should be good 🙂

3 Responses to "AG#16 – Once were Warriors"

Hi, pdtnc.

Just looking at all your brewing posts… I notice that on shorter brew-lengths you’re using the mash tun made out of an FV, and on longer lengths you’re using the coolbox mash tun.

Which do you prefer? Or are they much of a muchness?

Trying to work out what I should go for.

Great posts by the way. It seems my brewing is matching your experience (first kits, then extract, then…. 🙂


Hi, thanks for checking my blog out.
At the moment I am Interested in brewing frequently and trying lots of ideas and recipes out so the 12L brew length fits into my 15 Litre converted FV bucket pretty well and will make about a 5% beer which is usually strong enough for me and I prefer to brew weaker so I can drink more.

My reason for making a small Mash Tun was to Try and help it retain heat better than a small amount of grain in a larger tun, dunno if it works or not but I’m making good beer that I’m happy to drink which is better than any kit or Extract and I prefer it to some shop bought bottled ales.

So far I’ve only used my 30L Thermos Coolbox for 23L brews. Once I start to settle on a recipe I’ll maybe brew more so I can have a bit of stock.

I think Extract was a good in-between step as it lets you experiment a heck of a lot without needing to build any more equipment and a brew can be done nice and quickly. With good Fresh Liquid malt Extract or Spray Dried Malt Extract you can made damn good beer and the range of ‘Steepable’ grains is wide enough to make most recipes. 🙂

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