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AG#12 – Weights & Measures

Posted on: November 7, 2009

Weights & Measures – A bit of a user-upper to get rid of a few bags of bits, now I’ve tried a few grains out its time to concentrate on a more general range.


Lager Malt 1600g
Golden Promise 1400g
Rye Malt 490g
Caramalt 250g
Torrefied Wheat 245g
Vienna Malt 215g
Amber Malt 80g
Chocolate Malt, Pale 40g

Fuggles 60 mins 75g
Bramling Cross 15 mins 28g
Saaz Whole 0 mins 17g

Final Volume: 23 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.041
Final Gravity: 1.010
Alcohol Content: 4% ABV
Total Liquor: 32.6 Litres
Mash Liquor: 10.8 Litres
Mash Efficiency: 75 %
Bitterness: 43 EBU
Colour: 17 EBC

The Grist and 5g Gypsum:
I’m trying to guide my time with a Google Calender Timetable:
Mashed in 1 degree lower than I wanted, Grain was 16c, Strike should have been 75c… I lost a degree somewhere, so if anyones seen one its mine:
Calibrated Boiler = No more Jugging my liquor into the Tun (Even though I did this time just to check my scale):
Tucked up for 90mins:
Lots of Lovely Fuggles:
FWH in with 1st batch of Sparged wort:
Mash Paddle and floaters:
Hot Break, the 38L stock pot has just the right amount of head space for it to boil pretty much without watching it:
Bramling Cross Hops going in @ 15mins:
Saaz Hops going in at 0mins for 10min steep:
Just a point or two high, 1042/44:
Dry Sprinkled Nottingham Yeast:

Not a bad brewday, the wort tastes good enough to drink as it is πŸ™‚

**Bottled 17th Nov ’09

3 Responses to "AG#12 – Weights & Measures"

38 Litre stock pot! That’s huge! As well as paddle envy I now have stock pot envy.

What did you use to calibrate the inside? I scratched mine using a drill bit but it’s quite hard to see.

I’ve got a Dremel type thing I used to grind the marks in, I weighed 1Kg of water on the digital scales in a jug so I knew how accurate the jug was, then i filled up about the first 10 litres 1 litre at a time each time marking the position, then I filled up 5 litres at a time for the next marks. I then measured between the 5L marks and split it into 5 equal divisions, it worked out about 1cm to 1 litre. *making sure my vessel is level in both directions before starting* πŸ™‚

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