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Extract#8 – Booble Beer (aka Nasty Barsteward IPA)

Posted on: August 22, 2009

Extract#8 – Booble Beer – Named by Emma, renamed by me aka Nasty Barsteward IPA
A pretty random little Extract Brew, Hopping to blow your socks off, this will probably take some months to be drinkable 😉

Dried Malt Extract Medium 1000g
Crystal Malt, Pale 60 EBC 100g
Sugar, Household White 100g
Belgian Aromatic Malt 100g
German Cara Red 100g

Herkules 60 mins 30g
Boadicea 20 mins 20g
Boadicea 10 mins 20g
Boadicea 0 mins 10g

Final Volume: 8 Litres (actually closer to 9 or 10 litres)
Original Gravity: 1.056 (actually 1048)
Final Gravity: 1.011
Alcohol Content: 5.8% ABV
Bitterness: 172 EBU (this is where the Nasty bit comes in!)
Colour: 59 EBC

No pictures as I wasn’t messing around 🙂 Whitelabs Burton Ale yeast.

*Bottled Friday 4th Sept 09

5 Responses to "Extract#8 – Booble Beer (aka Nasty Barsteward IPA)"


🙂 x

Boobs and beer eh honey… 😉 x

Did you get the Herkules hops from Ebay? I did, but thought they looked a bit too dry & insipid.

Yeah, ebay…
They smelt really cheesy while Vacuum packed but once open they were very fresh and zesty. 🙂

This is tasting pretty good now… amazing how its starting to round off in flavour and mouthfeel 🙂

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