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First Extract Brew – Hop Back Entire Stout – 5 Litres

Posted on: April 12, 2009

It goes like this:
Hop Back Entire Stout – 5-Litres

  • Dried Malt Extract Pale: 725 grams (Actually used 500g Light DME and 225g Medium DME)
  • Crystal Malt: 32 grams
  • Chocolate Malt: 32 grams
  • Roasted Barley: 32 grams
  • Black Malt: 18 grams (not called for but I needed to up the colour with something)
  • Challenger: 90 mins – 10 grams
  • East Kent Golding: 15 mins – 4 grams

The Ingredients:

The Spray Malt Dissolved:

The Colour Change after Grains and Hops added, nice boil going on:

Used So4 yeast

    Final Volume: 5 Litres (actually got abot 4.5 L)
    Original Gravity: 1.055 (actual OG in picture below)
    Final Gravity: 1.015
    Alcohol Content: 5.3% ABV
    Bitterness: 41 EBU
    Colour: 171 EBC

Got a bit less than I wanted and nearly 10 points higher gravity, wonder if it will go off like rocket through the bubbler!

Thanks to: – for the AG recipe.
Graham Wheeler’s book and Beer Engine software – for helping me work out a small batch. for the Hops and Grain malts.

*A few hours later*

*The morning after*

*Bottled today, 18th April 2009*
Original Gravity (OG): 1066
Final Gravity (FG): 1020
Alcohol Content ABV: 6.04%
After a sneaky little taste while bottling it tastes quite sweet, looks like a different yeast might have chewed through the malt a bit better, but 6.04% is pretty fair. I just hope my 1/3 Tsp priming sugar has enough viable yeast to carbonate.

7 Responses to "First Extract Brew – Hop Back Entire Stout – 5 Litres"

Congrats on your first extract recipe! After doing my first, I’ll never buy another kit again. I did an extract and kit IPA at the same time and the difference is like night and day.

Interesting idea to do a small 5L batch – I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll need to see whether I can get a suitable container to ferment in.

I’ve just ordered a smaller bucket, a 15 Litre and two tins of Coopers Light Malt Extract.
My thinking behind this is that I can tailor the brew length to a single Can of LME (1.5kg) and the brew length seems to come in quite small, this should keep my costs down while letting me experiment with different recipes and teach myself more about what each ingredient does.
One idea is to make the same brew multiple time but each time change the Hop variety, maybe something like this: (though no one has commented on whether this recipe would be OK on the forum yet!)

Extract Brew #002 – Bramling IPA (12 litre batch utilising 1.5kg tin of LME)

Fermentable Colour lb: oz Grams Ratio
Malt Extract Syrup Pale 5.5 EBC 3 lbs. 4.9 oz 1500 grams 85.2%
Sugar, Household White 0 EBC 0 lbs. 3.5 oz 100 grams 5.7%
Wheat Malt Extract 8 EBC 0 lbs. 1.8 oz 50 grams 2.8%
Roasted Barley 1350 EBC 0 lbs. 0.4 oz 10 grams 0.6%

Hop Variety Type Alpha Time lb: oz grams Ratio
Bramling Cross Whole 6.3 % 90 mins 0 lbs. 1.1 oz 32 grams 51.6%
Bramling Cross Whole 6.3 % 15 mins 0 lbs. 0.7 oz 20 grams 32.3%
Bramling Cross Whole 6.3 % 0 mins 0 lbs. 0.4 oz 10 grams 16.1%

Final Volume: 12 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.042
Final Gravity: 1.009
Alcohol Content: 4.3% ABV
Total Liquor: 16.2 Litres
Bitterness: 58 EBU
Colour: 16 EBC

Ahh.. I’m continually jealous of the kit and hops available outside Japan. Where are you getting your hops from? – I dare say if you asked Paul about sending stuff to Japan he’d look into it for you, he seems a jolly nice down to earth bloke. I’d briefly said hello to him at a local Beer Festival.
I remember being sprayed with Insecticide on the plane when entering Japan from a Flight from Beijing, so I wouldn’t know if Japan Post had any rules about posting organic plant matter etc, re: any customs declaration.

Where did you get the bottle & cap which can fit the airlock. Did you make it yourself?

I think most of the home brew shops over here sell the bottle with the cap and grommet seal πŸ™‚
Its basically just a 5L spring water bottle from the supermarket with a hole in the cap, it might be an idea to try make your own, just drill the hole slightly smaller than the airlock and push it in. You could always use an Epoxy glue and fix the Lid and airlock together permanently. (just an idea)

[…] This really did have smooth bitterness and Blackcurrant, confusing and brilliant! Extract #1 – Hop Back Entire Stout Oh just brew a Hop Back Entire Stout, you’ll love it… Though I’m sure being about […]

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