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Woodfordes Wherry – First ever Home beer brewing

Posted on: January 23, 2009

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Here goes my very first attempt at brewing Beer, hopefully it will work out OK!

My most gracious other half left me some birthday presents when she went to work this morning…

So this afternoon I have got a Woodfordes Wherry in a FV 🙂
I’ll be learning from my mistakes I suppose, we’d got two 25L FV’s with taps, then I read the Wherry box and find I need room for about 27L *ARSE!* so I’m reckoning that I’m about 3L short on the liquor. Can anyone tell me if this is going to have a bad effect on things?
I’ll have to get the next size FV’s up next time…!
The only other thing that went wrong was the shiny new can opener I bought, I snapped its 99p-crappyness while not managing to open the tins with it, having to resort to boiling our old can opener in a pan of water to sterilise. (best laid plans etc!) =D> 🙄

Other than that, it went like this:

Sterilise everything and rinse lots.
Piss water all over the kitchen floor when I didn’t close a FV tap properly! *Oh and the FV lids leaked like a sod when i shook them around!*
Mop up!
Sit malt tins in warm water.
Measure out my liquor and treat with Half a Campden tablet.
Boil up a 100ml of water in a Pyrex jug with the microwave and leave to cool.
Rehydrate my yeast with a tiny bit of sugar in too.
Measure out my water to boil and boil.
Open tins by knorring at the metal until they open and add to the FV.
Mix in and fully dissolve the malt, washing out the tins with boiling water then add the rest of the liquor.
Pitch, my now frothy yeast.
Added Yeast Nutrient dissolved in a bit of cooled boiled water.
Took an OG reading of 1046

Fingers crossed I didn’t mess anything up too much! 🙂 I still need to drink a few more 500ml bottles so I’ve got enough empties to for bottling, though plenty of time for that 🙂

Next up a Coopers Stout 🙂

Many thanks to all on for answering my questions.


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