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Posted on: December 14, 2008

Here are my search engine terms that have brought people to my ImagePushing blog from the last 30 days ending today, its a summarized list and only includes keywords or tags that are present on my blog. It can be interesting to see what terms have been used to get to my pages, and maybe this can help me keyword my blog posts in the future *note: I won’t be keywording the images at their source with all the tags found in this way as that would maybe not go down so well with places like istockphoto etc.
This list also shows up the failings in my portfolio, I have little to no business & model released shots, and is something I should try and address, I think it would benefit me substantially.


Search Views
paper plane 163
grunge texture 105
antique background 78
old background 66
old backgrounds 64
antique backgrounds 62
christmas card backgrounds 54
grunge background 50
dirty paper 47
old texture 42
textured backgrounds 41
texture background 41
old paper background 37
christmas background 36
stained paper 34
how to make a paper airplane 34
old paper 34
textured background 33
old paper texture 32
grunge textures 32
grunge paper 30
aged paper 28
parchment background 28
old parchment 27
old textures 27
texture backgrounds 24
decorative design 23
christmas card background 23
grunge backgrounds 22
tea stained paper 22
christmas texture 20
free motion backgrounds 20
ancient background 19
swirls background 19
paper texture 18
illustration vector 18
gold background 17
worn paper 17
background textures 15
book border 15
old book texture 15
photocopy texture 15
design swirls 15
coffee mark 14
graphic decoration 14
christmas colours 14
grunge art 14
swirls art 13
coffee stain vector 13
background old paper 13

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